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    Source boilies for sea trout !

    Out last night on Ribble very slow but my mate landed a seatrout of 2-3lb on a source boilie. Properly lip hooked. Probably the one of the most outrageous fishing feats you can imagine. This year just gets more and more wierd....seriously thought I had dreamt it this morning.
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    Chillis and barbel

    Not a recipie just a question. The active ingredient in chilli powder and by inference in curry is capsaicin. This compound evolved to deter mammal predation on the chilli plant seeds. It can be used to deter squirrels from bird tables. Birds can not taste it. Do you think barbel can ? Ps...
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    A new low

    A blank session with one huge line bite - from an otter. swimming on surface ! Beat that Dave
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    What conditions are best for cheese

    what are best conditions for cheese paste. I am catching good chub on it But both interest from the barbel even fished over pellet as a change bait Am I destroying my chances of barbel by introducing this this to a swim? I know it's used a lot in Yorkshire rivers, but I am in Lancashire ...
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    advice for a newbie

    I am new to specimen angling and this forum ( Have fished for 45 years) and would like to ask a question from a point of view genuine ignorance. What is the logic behind keeping big fish captures secret ? Is fish welfare the only reason ? ( a reason I totally get ) Why can't the specific...