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    Landing net assistance required please

    Hi guys, I need to pick your brains please. I have been using the same extending landing net handle for 20 years now - one of Trefor West's which, although heavy, appears bomb-proof (I really hope I haven't jinxed it). At some point in the last ten years I bought a spare which is much lighter...
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    Moon phase charts

    Many moons ago (do you like what I have done there?!) Chris Lyons used to produce moon phase charts predicting good, bad or indifferent days based on the moon phase. I should state now that I have never been in the happy position where I can base my trips around the moon phase, weather...
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    The chub were at it with a vengeance this morning. In your experience gentlemen, do barbel spawn before, after or around the same time as chub? Do you think they have spawned yet? I was sent a picture of a big (20lb +) Trent barbel over the weekend which looked absolutely huge and certainly...
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    Barbel and Roach by Choice by Colin Woods

    Just wondering whether anybody has read this book and, if so, what they thought of it. Steve
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    How do you deal with growths?

    I caught a fish yesterday which, although it was superbly conditioned (and almost as fat as me), had a walnut sized growth in the corner of its mouth. I deliberated as to whether I should try to remove it and concluded that as the fish was so healthy looking (apart from the growth!) and had...