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  1. J

    Different particles

    Morning all, Just making a cheaper particle ground bait mix for a canal prebaiting campaign and wondered if anyone has any thoughts as to the following for use/suitability for a barbel dropper mix. Other than the usual, bits include crushed maize, wheat & layers mash. Thinking of barley &...
  2. J

    Fishing Pocket DAB Radio recommendation

    Evening all, Slightly removed somewhat from the conventional tackle recommendations. Now & again on the odd 24 hour plus session on the Trent I like to listen to a bit of radio for a bit of brain engagement with Radio 4 etc.. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced small or pocket size...
  3. J

    Full Moon - any thoughts

    My fishing is at a premium at the moment & the only time I have managed to get out so far this season has coincided with full moons. And surprise, surprise, the cage door is open from Friday eve till Sunday - definite all nighter on Saturday & it is a full moon. BBC weather predicts that the...
  4. J

    Buying waste lead - prices

    Dear all, I have just bought my first lead mould to make some feeders & would be grateful of some advice on present prices per kg of waste lead. I appreciate that prices go up & down but on the last time I borrowed a mould & went into a scrap merchants I was unsure & doubtful of the price...
  5. J

    Rig bits/terminal tackle: Cheap/bulk online recommendations

    Dear All, I am looking for a few online site recommendations that sell bulk (100-200 or more buying in with friends if needs be) quantities of terminal tackle. From time to time I get a few bits in but am always finding that I would like a 'stocked pantry' of rubber beads, swivels, quick...
  6. J

    Home Page Photo

    Congrat's to Jason on the homepage pic. Good effort & due reward. Cheers, Jon
  7. J

    Carp - Controller fishing: Line recommendation

    I am presently mixing up my fishing with a bit of stalking/surface fishing for carp until the cooler end of the season comes round for barbel fishing. For surface fishing (controller with bread & pet biscuits) I presently use Drennan Double strength & have done for many a season. Even so, I...
  8. J

    Tales of hooking oneself - tips & precautions?

    Just a personal tale extended from the other hook thread... On a lighter note - how many of you's have hooked yourself whilst making rigs, casting out, slipping etc? An example for me was a closed season three years ago when I was making rigs to the early hours of one morning. I had made...
  9. J

    Hooks that don't dink so much on gravel

    I have been tying a few rigs for the last few days in preparation for the long off. But, satisfying as the end product is I find the affair fairly onerous. One of the main reasons I have to tie so many rigs is that the point of my hooks get quickly dulled, dinked or however described on the...
  10. J

    Home Page Photo's

    There has been a refreshing variety of quality barbel photo's on the homepage over the last couple of weeks. Congratulations to all those that have enjoyed their capture & thanks for sharing. Cheers, Jon
  11. J

    Bait: Liver - which one?

    Evening all, Due to cost & availability, I have been thinking of using fresh liver as an ingredient within my baits or even making a pate. There is chicken, pork, lamb & ox. Prices are quite cheap compared to their powdered counterparts. Any general pointers appreciated. Cheers, Jon
  12. J

    Home Page Photo

    Congratulations to Phil Smith on the capture of the good conditioned Warwickshire Avon barbel. Great photo too! Cheers, Jon
  13. J

    Barbel Nutrition Requirements

    Evening all, I have been making my own boilies/pastes for a year now & would like them to have a specific nutrient profile closer to barbel essential needs. Even so, trying to find reliable data is tricky. Can anyone point me in the general direction of the daily nutrients (amino acids...
  14. J

    Powder Coating Leads

    Morning all, I am knocking up a few grippers for the forth coming months & looking to dull their fresh glare. I have powder coated bought leads about ten years ago but that was using daft, small sized pots of relatively expensive powder. A couple questions if I may: Can anyone...
  15. J

    Essential oil leakage in cold water

    Evening all, Now it is getting cooler & the general trend to omit bulk oils/emulsify oils, have any of you played around/replaced with neat essential oils through the winter instead? I appreciate that bulk oils solidify in cooler waters, but was wondering whether this is the case with...
  16. J

    Oyster Shell &/or Limestone Flour

    Further to the paste link, as mentioned I use oyster shell/limestone to counterbalance buoyant ingredients used in my boilie mix, to increase leakage & to add crunch factor. Presently, my inclusion rate varies up to 15% of the mix. Looking to increase the mass to limit the effect of flow as...
  17. J

    Baffin Trapper Boots

    Returned a pair of Baffin Outback Boots without a receipt being bought approximately 2 years ago, hence out of warranty. Baffins, as I thought, could not properly age the boots so could not, rightly, offer a refund. However, the national distributors Koolbox Ltd, whom I returned the boots to...
  18. J

    Keeping anglers out of your swim

    Now, we all like a bit of the world we would ideally like to keep as our own. But as to what means & how far would one go? I have been fishing on the Tidal Trent recently & fancied a swim I had not fished before. I was scoping it out & took a step backwards, slipping, not completely over...
  19. J

    What is Nod oil?

    Afternoon all, What is Nod oil? I have looked around for info which has been somewhat conflicting. I was of the position that it's simply Cod Liver Oil (repackaged) but I had a conversation recently with another angler whom was convinced that it's Hemp oil! Any expansion on this would be...
  20. J

    Home page photo

    Nice one to Jon Frisby for his recent productive Tidal Trent session topped by the 12lb 1oz solid looking barbus on the home page. Good to see you getting part of your dues Jon for the effort you've put in now & that of the closed season. Keep it up & leave us a few! Cheers, Jon