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  1. Brian Willson

    mortimer & whitehouse gone fishing

    In replying to my own message, it got me thinking, there were two Barbara's one was Newton, but before that the one i knew was Carey, i have been trying to remember her husbands name, i was thinking that it was Ken or Jim, can anyone remember there names ? Cheers lads.
  2. Brian Willson

    mortimer & whitehouse gone fishing

    Hi Gerry I have just managed to watch the Paul Whitehouse interview, i loved it, it brought back some great memories when i spent every weekend fishing Kings Weir and enjoying a full breakfast cooked by Barbara in the keepers house. Many thanks. Brian.
  3. Brian Willson

    Problem with a bulk spool line

    Hi Guys An update on the defective Daiwa bulk spool. I wrote to Daiwa and in the reply they requested that I return the spool which I did at a postage cost of £3.70. I then received a letter in the post saying that they are going to replace the spool......unfortunately they are out of stock but...
  4. Brian Willson


    You know me Mike I've always had a screw loose. By the way, how's your book sales going ?
  5. Brian Willson


    Hi Guys, This has got to be the most fastest reel repair that I know. It all started when I met up with Dai Gribble on Throop, he was using a Preston Centris NT 420 reel, I must say that I was impressed with it so much that I went and bought one, after putting it through its paces I decided to...
  6. Brian Willson

    Problem with a bulk spool line

    Hi Guys, After investigating with other anglers who use the same line I have come to a conclusion, I have checked other makes of spools, Fox, GR60 and many more and their spools are more robust and substantial, these spools are very fragile and the end caps break easy under an increase I...
  7. Brian Willson

    Problem with a bulk spool line

    Hi Alex, Many thanks for your reply but it gets worse. I have checked with a friend of mine who uses the same bulk spools and one of his has cracked, so I checked my stock cupboard, which is a very cool bottom drawer into which I have some plastic boxes where I keep the spools, and low and...
  8. Brian Willson

    Problem with a bulk spool line

    Hi Guys, this is a weird one, for a number of years I have been using Daiwa Sensor bulk spool line, I change it on a regular basis and have been re-spooling using a Daiwa re-spooling device, I soak the line for a couple of hours and have never had a problem until now. The end cap of the spool...
  9. Brian Willson

    Umbrella / Brolly

    Hi Graham, Cant part with any of my beloved brollys, by the way enjoy your trip with the Ringwood boys. Brian.🐟🐟🐟🐟
  10. Brian Willson

    Umbrella / Brolly

    Try the Daiwa MD 125, its lightweight with fibre spokes very strong and very waterproof, the best brollies I have owned, in fact I now have four. I got rid of the Korum brollies, they are too heavy, too bulky when folded and a nightmare in the wind, the brolly tries to wrap itself around you...
  11. Brian Willson

    Ray Walton Rolling Pin Mk2

    Hi Eddie keep the ratchet on to avoid any over run, once the bait is in the water then its up to you whether you leave it on or not. Brian.
  12. Brian Willson

    Mass bankside tree removal by farmers?

    Hi Graham, I can remember the devastation that was caused on the Kennet when the Willows were cut down, how many great swims were wiped out especially up by the old concrete pill box, my favourite swims decimated. I hope you are well mate, just a few weeks left before ( hopefully ) the rivers...
  13. Brian Willson

    I need a quality Umbrella

    After getting rid of my Korum brollies I purchased a couple of Daiwa md 125 they are 50 inch very light with fibre arms, they are more stable in the wind than the Korum which used to rap around you when the wind picked up. A few of the Ringwood boys also use these and are very pleased with...
  14. Brian Willson

    Extra carabiners for your rucksack

    Best place to buy these is Toolstation, great quality and all sizes. I have use the large size for pulling trees out of the river. And the prices are very cheap.
  15. Brian Willson

    EA frustration.

    The old Silver Fox strikes again...... Well done Graham. Brian.
  16. Brian Willson

    New Winter suit

    I too have bought a Deerhunter Muflon jacket and trousers, yes very expensive but very very warm and 100% waterproof, but unlike Phil, I also have a Deerhunter hat. Check out the cost on the web...…..and don't be TOO shocked.
  17. Brian Willson

    Wychwood Landing Net Handle

    Your very welcome Gary, in the past there were a few problems with the nylon bush but tackle dealers were given a small stock of new bushes to replace the defective ones, Drennan also did alter the type of bushes, these were recognised by their colour, some were black and some I think were grey...
  18. Brian Willson

    Wychwood Landing Net Handle

    Hi Gary, Remove the bottom cap, push the inner pole right down to the bottom so that the nylon bush is protruding, unscrew the bush and remove the inner pole taking it out from the top. Clean the inner pole with white spirit, then drop a weight down inside the outer pole attached to a small...
  19. Brian Willson

    PVA mesh

    Hi Stephen, Plenty to be had in bulk from the internet, and it works out much cheaper, I bought some two seasons ago and still have plenty left, in fact I buy most of my terminal tackle in bulk, it saves running out and the struggle of going to tackle shops to find they don't have what you want...
  20. Brian Willson

    Pete Reading Breaks Hants Avon Barbel record!

    Well done Pete, an absolute stunning fish and many congratulations. Brian.