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  1. Brian Willson


    Hi Guys, This has got to be the most fastest reel repair that I know. It all started when I met up with Dai Gribble on Throop, he was using a Preston Centris NT 420 reel, I must say that I was impressed with it so much that I went and bought one, after putting it through its paces I decided to...
  2. Brian Willson

    Problem with a bulk spool line

    Hi Guys, this is a weird one, for a number of years I have been using Daiwa Sensor bulk spool line, I change it on a regular basis and have been re-spooling using a Daiwa re-spooling device, I soak the line for a couple of hours and have never had a problem until now. The end cap of the spool...
  3. Brian Willson


    A special Bruce & Walker hand built rod for sale, to mark the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Barbel Society. Offers to Martyn Pears on 07810 715506 or email martynpears@hotmail.co.uk
  4. Brian Willson

    Drennan avon floats

    Hi Guys, I have tried in vain to obtain 5aa and 7aa Avon crystal floats with the yellow tops, apparently when they are sent to the shops in packs of 10 and there are only two yellow tops in the packet and they are sold very quickly. Has anyone got a contact number for Drennan Or perhaps...
  5. Brian Willson

    Tackle manufacture public relations

    There is nothing worse than buying an item and you find a problem, so you try to notify the makers with no success, i don't think it's fair at this point to name and shame the bad ones who do not respond to your call, but who knows i might change my mind under pressure, but we can name the ones...
  6. Brian Willson

    Thread size and type

    Does anyone know what size and type of thread that are used on landing net handles and rod rests. many thanks. Brian.
  7. Brian Willson

    Drennan tackle

    Could any kind person supply me with the phone number or e-mail address for drennan...................... I need a new plastic end for the twistlock landing net handle many thanks. Brian.
  8. Brian Willson

    Hinders elip pellets

    I have just had a delivery of Hinders large elip pellets, and once again i am not happy, last season we had an issue with the colour and a loss of oil, meaning that the pellets were very dry, after complaining a new bag was sent, but i had to pay for the new bag before they sorted out the...
  9. Brian Willson

    Daiwa 125 Closed Faced Reel.

    Can anyone let me know if you use a Daiwa 125 reel, and if you do, i would welcome any comments. Many thanks. Brian Willson.
  10. Brian Willson

    Problem with baby baitrunner 2500

    I must say that i have found these posts very interesting, i purchased two baby Shimano reels for this season, one of them i have not yet used, it seems that my confidence in them at the moment is very low because of two seperate incidents, the first was when i was fishing the margins and my rod...
  11. Brian Willson

    River monsters

    We moan about the predators in our waters, we moan about the weather, we moan about conditions, but after watching Jeremy Wade fishing on the Congo, and almost being stoned to death because the chiefs brother went missing, and facing that weather and conditions in the worst canoe possible, why...
  12. Brian Willson

    Elip pellets

    I have been using Elip pellets for many years, i have had no problems from this great bait, but my latest bulk buy which i received about two months ago seems different, the 10mm size seems darker in colour and stinks like !!!!! you know what, is it my age, or my nose, has anyone noticed the...
  13. Brian Willson

    Weighing scales

    With so many digital scales on the market, it does get confusing as what to buy,i have a couple of sets of Berkley Digitals,i want to get another set of scales, some people have told me to get some Reubin Heatons, whilst other are telling me to get Fox Stalkers, i do not want a massive set that...