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  1. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    River wensum

    Afternoon all. I was just wandering if there are many or any at all of the river wensum that is free fishing. I dont live to far from Norwich but not in the know of the wensum. I was told drayton and costessy had a few free stretches but didnt know if this has changed at all. Any info would be...
  2. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    2nd afternoon at new venue. Went home with a big smile.

    Decided to join a new still water after hearing of 12lb tench and 14lb bream plus the big carp and 3lb perch. First afternoon was a blank. But 2nd afternoon resulted in 3 carp and 2 tench all late in the day. Baited a small area 2 rod lengths out with maggot pellets and hemp. Then slowly lowed...
  3. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Worms for bait

    Evening all. I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping well. As above I was just wandering if worms are a good go to bait for barbel. Iv read lots of reports in AM and AT a like With barbel catches but dont really read much about worms being used as bait. Mostly boilies and meat being the main...
  4. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Fishing For memories a must See!!!

    Id just like to point out that if you havent seen it on YouTube then please take a look. Fishing for memories by Mark Erdwin is really eye caitching. Such simple tactics and lovely small rivers can really produce some good stamps of fish. And mark Erdwin who films and editors all his own...
  5. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    In need of a new landing net head.

    Afternoon all as mentioned above i am looking for a new landing net head. With so many out there the world is my oyster. I currently use a korum super latex net which is nice and big for what i fish for but find it alittle cumbersome as it is a solid ring of metal. Whould like a folding net or a...
  6. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Barbel buddy.

    Afternoon all, I know its abit early and the season is soon to finish. And im hoping that someone is thinking the same but. Would anyone like to car share a barbel trip for a day in the new season. Iv only been to the trent once. (Collingham) and would like to have another days barbel fishing...
  7. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    The Holy Grail

    Afternoon All was just wandering what everyones Holy Grail would he when it comes to fish and waters. I think mine would have to be a. 15lb barbel, 3lb roach (close at 2.55lb), 10lb tench (8lb so far) 30lb carp a 25lb pike and a 3lb+ perch. All would be great from rivers but i know that probably...
  8. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Shorter walk rewarded with a 4.5lb chub

    Morning All, After a hard week at work and an early finish friday. I headed down to my local river in search of something alittle bigger than my 5.05 lb chub i had last week. River was low and slow but found what looked like a deep area on inside bend of river. Spicy sausage coated meat was...
  9. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    First chub of the day. Hard work paid off.

    After a long walk fishing various likely spot and blanking. I settled down to another spot and changing bait to maggots and Filling the feeder with breadcrumb and crushed boilies. I Didnt have to wait long before the rod tip curled round and the fight was on. 5 mins later it was in the net and...
  10. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    river wharfe addington

    Good Morning all, I am off to Addington in Yorkshire in march for a weeks holiday with the wife and dog and have seen that we are staying close to the river Wharfe. does anyone have any information weather I am able to drop I bait in the water for a couple of hours or is this stretch a...
  11. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Collingham weir pegs 1 to 10

    Hi All I was just wandering if anyone has booked the weir pool swims ( 1 to 10 I believe ) when the season starts again. I hear that these pegs can only be booked as a whole. I would like to fish the weir pool end but without block booking these I don't think id get much chance of getting near...
  12. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Boat hire on the trent

    evening all, I was just wandering if anyone knew of a place that hires day boats for fishing on the trent. preferably near collingham just to narrow down a place. but around that area. looking at something between 12-14 foot long for 2 people and preferably with an outboard motor. if anyone has...
  13. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    River state collingham weir

    Evening all, travling up to collingham weir next week. And was wondering what the colour and pace of the water is like as we have had a little rain. Anyone been up there last few days who can let me know that would be great.
  14. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Bait and tatices for collingham wier

    Morning all. I am off to Collingham Wier next month for a day session. never fished for barble before as the Wensum as run dry of them. can anyone give me tips and hits or baits and tatices, am I best using maggot feeder and casters or boilies/pellets and pva bag for this time of the year...
  15. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes


    Hi all was just wondering if anyhow has fished the river wye near the white loin inn pub. Wanted some information before I commit to a long drive.
  16. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Where to fish

    Hi All, looking at fishing for a long weekend next year and was wanting to know where if any is a good place to go. i'm not expecting to catch massive amounts but a few good fish on the bank would be really nice. a friends friend has said collingham weir but I just wanted to know if this is the...
  17. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Bobs island newark on trent

    Hi all was just after some information on Bobs island Newark on Trent. Looking at possible giving it a whirl and was just after some info on it. many thanks all Alex
  18. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Fox inn on river trent

    Hi All, was driving over the road Bridge on the A617 at Newark, there is Kelham hall country park. and I see that fishing is allowed along this stretch of river and was wandering if anyone has fished it. I was driving back from bakewell with the wife after a week on holiday. the river...
  19. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    Barbel hot spots with B&B

    Hi All, was after some info if you could help. looking at a long weekend Barbel fishing for the first time soon. and was after some Barbel hot spots with a B&B near by if anyone knows then I would be most grateful to hear off you. I live in Suffolk east coast so I know il have to drive a...
  20. Alex Chalmers-Wilkes

    good quality fishing line.

    Hi there I was just wandering if anyone has an good recommendations for a good quality fishing line for pike fishing. I have been using braid but found that as well as it was I was always afraid of it getting knotted up. I don't do a huge amount of piking but a lot of my piking fishing is...