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    Billing aquadrome

    I fished it for the Carp in the early 70's , never did any good. There was only a very small head of Carp.
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    Hook choice

    Bank Tackle hooks for me. Really good hooks at a very modest price, and the service is next to none.
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    Propolis Fish Care

    Also used as a stain for violins.
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    Time for a new rod

    Greys prodigy 1.5 x 12foot 3 piece.
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    Sad news - Len Arbery

    Very sad to hear that Len had passed away. Len was an old school gent.
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    Barbel Weight gain.

    Say a Barbel weighted 16.10 in the first two weeks of January, what is the maximum weight it could make come the last day of the season. This is a Trent fish and the river was in flood almost all this time. I know this isn't an exact science, but interesting nonetheless.
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    Float fishing for Barbel

    I was lucky enough to have a place on a float fishing tutorial day that Keith kindly gave at Fiskerton on the trent. He was an absolute gentleman.
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    Avon scales calibration

    I bought an old 7lb weight from an auction years ago and use it to check my Avons.
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    Dead Cow weights

    I buy from scrapyard.
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    Drennan matchpro ultralight 14 or 15ft wanted

    I have a 14foot in excellent condition. Looking for £75 Mick
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    Making cheese paste

    You could add breadcrumbs or even flour,
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    More about fitting more tenners into his wallet imho.
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    Been using bits of their tackle for years with no complaints. Last purchase was distance sticks for £8.95 inc. postage. I cannot stand being ripped off with the main tackle firms prices.
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    Best hemp?

    Gablestock feeds at Long Bennington, near Newark. Always good quality, good price, and the important bit.....it splits
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    For anyone who fancies a go at making a spopper, have a look on fleabay there are spombs at £1.59 each inc postage. I am using these myself to make my spoppers.
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    Neil Blood said: Great bit of kit, but cant really see anyone doing this themselves, when you've got to make your own lead mould? Me too, also made one for the big spomb.
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    Red Rapeseed ??

    Apart from colour, what is the difference between red and black Rape seed? I pick black up for £8 for 25kg Mick
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    Boat hire on the trent

    Just put more line on your reel Alex.
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    Dynamite Bait Buckets (with bait) & ESP XL Hoody

    Can I take the Hoodie please Rob ?
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    CATCH CULT 11 Update

    My copy arrived while I was away last week some time. Worth the wait though. Mick