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    Barbel Weight gain.

    Say a Barbel weighted 16.10 in the first two weeks of January, what is the maximum weight it could make come the last day of the season. This is a Trent fish and the river was in flood almost all this time. I know this isn't an exact science, but interesting nonetheless.
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    Spare spool wanted.

    I'm looking for a spare spool for a Diawa emblem S 5500T must have a sound line clip on. Or a knackered reel with spool would do. Mick
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    Sproutable Hemp

    Where is the best place to buy reliable hemp? By that I mean Hemp that will split / sprout when prepared. I have a 20kg bag at the moment that no matter how long I soak it, boil it, only about 10% splits. Any ideas chaps
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    E.A Calverton Hatchery visit

    I had a look around the environment agency Calverton hatchery yesterday. I was absolutely enthralled. What a superb job the lads there do, they just oose enthusiasm for their jobs.Everything is funded by rod licence money, and from what I could see not a penny is wasted. If any of you get...
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    Wanted TFG Rod

    I after a TFG 12 foot 2.5lb x plus carp rod. Anyone got one in good condition that they would like to part with. Mick
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    I'm looking for a Fox Specialist 12' 1lb test rod, if anyone has one to sell I would be very interested. Mick
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    Feeder Gum

    I'm thinking of incorporating a piece of Feeder Gum into a feeder rig for Chubbing. Do any of you use it? and if so, what knot do you use to join it to nylon line? Thanks for any help.
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    Heat Holder Socks

    I see B&M stores are doing Heat holder socks for £2.99 a pair, they are a cracking buy at this price. Mick
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    What Superglue?

    I seem to have a problem using superglue to stick elipse pellets together. What make of superglue should I be using? Thanks in advance for any help. Mick
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    Greys Prodigy 1.5lb Barbel Rod wanted.

    I'm looking for a Greys Prodigy two piece 1.5lb Barbel rod, not the tx model. Mick
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    I'm looking for a Ray Walton 'Rolling Pin' reel. Anyone got one gathering dust?:D Mick
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    Rod Wanted

    I'm after a prodigy 1.5lb Barbel rod,anyone want to part with one at a resonable price? Mick
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    WANTED Davis Tackle Avon Rod

    I'm looking for a Davis tackle / Harrison 1lb 6oz Avon rod, if anyone has one for sale?
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    Feeder Mixes

    I have seen all sorts of mixes used in feeders, one favorit seems to be vitalin + bits and bobs. What do you chaps recommend and why?:confused:
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    Short fat and whiskery

    I had a 10lb 13oz Barbel from the tidal Trent on sunday night that certainly fell into this catagory. There seem to be two different shaped fish, some short and very stocky and others of what I'd term normal barbel shape. I would be interested to hear other peoples views as to whether these are...