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  1. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Dubrovnik big game fishing

    I'm in Dubrovnik for a week, lots of big game angling boats. Anyone got experience or recommendations? Searched on Google and it appears to be 'inconclusive'. I'm not interested in tiddler bashing! Thanks in advance.
  2. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Home page picture

    Congratulations to Dave Maddison, top bloke, excellent angler.
  3. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Ebro catfishing

    I've recently returned from four days fishing for catfish on the Ebro in north-east Spain. I can highly recommend my host and guide Al Henderson, his expertise ensured that I got off the mark at the first time of asking and my incompetence in dealing with very big river catfish meant that I...
  4. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Very cheap bite alarms at Sports Direct

    Spotted these at my local Sports Direct this afternoon, £2.99 :eek: Not for me as I have plenty but maybe ok for somebody. https://www.sportsdirect.com/diem-eco-bite-alarm-940147?colcode=94014703
  5. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Cape Verde - marlin fishing. Information requested.

    Having ticked off another target at the weekend I'm looking for some information about marlin fishing off the Cape Verde Islands for my next mission. Has anyone got any experience there? Any recommendations on which boats/Skippers? I've found a few bits on the Internet but not a great...
  6. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Lake Windermere

    Once the river season closes planning on a few days close to Windermere. Sure I can sneak a lure rod and maybe a fly rod in the car. Internet a bit contradictory, some say that the whole of the lake is free fishing, some talk about day tickets. Any advice on target species? At the moment I'm...
  7. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Free to attend meeting in York

    I hope that this may be of interest to fellow Yorkies and anyone else in the area: Barbel Stocks, Habitat work, Getting More People Fishing and the work of the EA If you haven't registered to attend the forum on Wednesday then there is still time ! Angling Trust North Yorkshire Forum...
  8. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Wanted - Shimano Technium Specialist 12'

    Looking for a Shimano Technium Specialist rod 12', it is the one with the twin top, an Avon about 1.25lb tc and a second top section to carry quiver tips. Quiver section not essential. Don't expect pristine condition since these will be around 15 years old but good, usable condition with...
  9. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Aldi fishing tackle this Sunday 4th

    Aldi have another of their fishing tackle offers on starting Sunday 4th: https://www.aldi.co.uk/en/specialbuys/sunday-specialbuys-4th-august/ Does anyone rate the boots?
  10. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Mink cull

    Some more good news after the recent cormorant story. Mink being culled in Scotland after they 'devastate' rivers. I hope it is extended south. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-12323300
  11. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Mr Whiskers has lost them

    Just sorting through some of my summer photos and noticed this odd looking barbel with just a couple of whiskers and a strange nose. Anyone know what's caused this? The river I caught it from hardly sees an angler from one day to the next so I doubt it was hook damaged as a tiddler.