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  1. Garry Howell

    Sweet Bait for Barbel

    Hi - just curious has anyone ever tried sweet flavour baits for barbel?
  2. Garry Howell

    Pellets for Barbel in Winter

    Hi - just after peoples opinion as to the effectiveness of pellets in cold weather - most of the carp fisherman seem to stop using them, might be wrong but I think I read they don't break down as quick - could they cause harm? I know that I stop feed my koi in low temps.
  3. Garry Howell

    Wychwood Landing Net Handle

    Hi - strange post, the twist lock on my landing net handle has stopped working, it doesn't seem to come apart. Has anyone had the same problem and is there a solution other than another expensive handle! Thanks.
  4. Garry Howell

    Angling Alls Stars

    Hi - does anyone know what stretch of the Trent was being fished on Angling All Stars this week - not a fan of the program but the River looked great! Thanks.
  5. Garry Howell

    Upper Lea

    Just joined the Verulam Club for the upcoming season, I know the old Lea at Fishers Green can carry some water after heavy rain (fished Kings Weir in flood many times) but how does the Lee around Wheathampstead handle extra water?
  6. Garry Howell

    15ft Float Rod

    Hi, I know that this isa question that is asked time and time again but I can't find a thread to the answer! I am looking for a 15ft trotting rod capable of handling the odd barbel - has anybody tried the Greys Toreon Tactical Float Rod - seems a bargain at the moment - either seems to be that...
  7. Garry Howell

    River Lea Day Ticket

    Hi, looking to try to get back on the Lea after many years away, anyone know of any day ticket stretches on the upper Lea? I will probably buy a season ticket that gives access to the Fishers Green stretch next season - but to many commitments already this season. Thanks in advance.
  8. Garry Howell

    The impossible rod!

    Hi - another one of those questions, after bit of advice, I am looking for a 12ft rod that would double up for a bit of Tench fishing at a local club water (heavy line on a float!) and also do for smaller barbel and chub - float or light ledger. I have a 11ft Free Spirit 1.5lb and am considering...
  9. Garry Howell

    Posting a rod!

    Hi - after a bit of advice, I have to send a rod to someone and I am having trouble finding a courier to do it a decent price, any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Garry Howell

    Through Action Rod

    Hi, looking for advice for a through action rod, I am fishing a narrow river and finding the rod I am using to 'tippy' (2lb Greys TXL Barbel), thing of taking the plunge and having one built - but I don't want to make any costly mistakes, looking for something that will control a fish close in...
  11. Garry Howell

    fixed leads

    Hi - just a thought, do fixed leads work when fishing upstream, I would normally fish a running lead upstream and if the conditions are right a fixed lead downstream. With a short leader I cant see them working. Any thoughts. Garry
  12. Garry Howell

    Bedfordshire Ouse

    Hi - I fancy a trip somewhere different, does anyone know of any decent day ticket waters on the Ouse - don't fancy buying a season ticket as I wont be able to make use of it before the end of the season. Thanks, any advice appreciated. Garry
  13. Garry Howell

    River Wye

    Hi all, I wonder if someone can suggest a stretch of the Wye worth a go late season, probable early March weather permitting, something not to dangerous! Any advice appreciated. Garry
  14. Garry Howell

    Hi to all

    Hi, new to forum, been away from barbel for to long, a couple of days on the Teme gave me the bug again. Unfortunately I seem to be remembering the golden days when big catches were possible - most of my fishing was on the Lea at Kings Weir, catches of 20 fish a day weren't unusual. I now live...