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    Club Memberships...how many?

    Two seasons ago it was 6 clubs and 2 syndicates. This season down to 3 clubs and 1 syndicate, the syndicate will go next season. Fortunately one of my clubs is free on attaining pensionable age for long term members, although I doubt this is offered nowadays.
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    Boot liner recommendation

    Mine is a Boot Buddy. Been using it for 11 years now, and still going strong. As my car is an estate, it comes in two sections that fit inside each other, so that the whole car up to window level is protected, whether the rear seat is folded or not. Can be ordered with a rubber mat to prevent...
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    Wanted Fox barbel duo floodwater rod 12ft 2.75 lb tc

    Hi Steve, Yes, I did sell the rod. Regards Pete.
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    Wanted Fox barbel duo floodwater rod 12ft 2.75 lb tc

    I do have a Fox Specimen 2.75lb, 12ft ARD054. Only used twice.
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    Lone Angler Caviar pellet.

    Thanks for the ebay headsup. I can't believe I hadn't checked the bay myself. The 8mm are the size I've been using. Although they have a circular cross section, a quick scrape with a knife puts a flat on one side to allow superglueing together on the hair. Thanks again chaps, most helpful.
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    Comizo barbel

    Hi Darren, If you pm Danny Collins, he's been going to Spain for years, targetting comizo. He's in Spain at present and returns in a few days. I'll tell him to check for your pm when I next speak to him as he doesn't use the forum as much these days. Regards Pete.
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    Lone Angler Caviar pellet.

    With these pellets no longer being available under the Lone Angler brand, would anyone know if they are still sold, albeit under another name.
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    New Boots

    Another vote for Muckboots, in my experience, the only negative would be poor grip in muddy conditions, but mine are the model before Arctic Sports, which have also been superceded, so grip levels may have improved with the latest models. Would certainly buy again.
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    Elliptical Pellets

    I used the Flatz for the first time last week on the Wye. Easy to superglue, supposedly made with original recipe. Could do with making them in a larger size. Caught ok using them, but then the two alternative baits worked ok as well.
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    Original Fox Rods, What was in the range?

    PM sent Rob PM sent Rob
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    Original Fox Rods, What was in the range?

    I've got the 8oz test curve ARD014 Duolite Specialist. Bought it for perch fishing. Never seen the riverbank.
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    Good day ticket stretches

    You could get to The Wye in 90 minutes from Reading.There's a few day ticket stretches in the Ross area.I gave up my Kennet tickets last season due to lack of sport.
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    river thames middle section help

    Hi Simon, E-mail sent.
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    river thames middle section help

    Hi Simon, The Thames in this, my local area, has been very hard going over the last 2 or 3 seasons. If there's no flow, which is usually the case, then you'll struggle. Hopefully you'll prove me wrong. I can pm you some specific swim/parking info if that's any help.
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    Greys rod ready holdhall

    I've got the Korum 2 rod Total Protection.Have used it with 12' Greys,Fox and Drennan rods,but only with 4000 sized reels.I use the Korum 2 rod quiver(no longer available I believe) for my barbel fishing as long walks are involved and need to travel as light as possible.
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    Gardner Target Speciskin Hooklink

    Also have a look at Atomic Jel-E-Wyre. I've been using this for the last 4 seasons, one of the finest diameter coated braids I've come across.
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    Gloves for fishing

    Rubbing a dob of Vaseline well into your hands, keep rubbing until they're not greasy any more, and use fingerless gloves. Has always worked for me.
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    Landing net woes

    I noticed in this weeks AM, that Dinsmore have brought out a new net that would suit barbel anglers. It's a quick dry, 90cm with an aluminium spreader block. Might be worth a look as long as you don't need to carry it too far
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    Reuben Heaton 9000 Digital Scales?

    On my third season with these scales.Still on original batteries and still accurate.Certainly happy with my choice.