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    Lone Angler Caviar pellet.

    With these pellets no longer being available under the Lone Angler brand, would anyone know if they are still sold, albeit under another name.
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    RIVER FISHING BOAT.Complete Set Up

    Aluminium Quicksilver 355 (11'9" x 4' 9") with custom fitted long range fuel tank and 12 volt leisure battery. Padded seat covers, 2 x 3 way Berkley rod tubes, oars, Garmin fishfinder, 2 x mudweights/ropes, 2 x anchors/chains and ropes. Mercury 4 HP 4 stroke engine together with a Mariner...
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    F.A.O:Garlic Spam Aficionados

    Tescos are currently selling the 200 gram cans for £1, if anyone needed to stock up. Also for those that do the odd overnighter or longer, Tescos have started to stock a range of "longlife" meals made by a company called "Look what we've Found". I've bought this range online for several years...
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    Wanted, Drennan Series 7 12ft Avon/Quiver 1.5lb tc

    Drennan Series 7 12ft Avon/Quiver 1.5lb tc.
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    Drennan Tench floatrod question

    A pal of mine has just bought an immaculate 12ft 9in Drennan Tench floatrod, still with the plastic wrapping on the handle. The blank is grey in colour with rings for retaining the reel, not a winch fitting. Just wondered if anyone would know which model as in Mk1, Mk2 etc as there's nothing...
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    Are Shimano "D" and "OC" spools interchangeable.

    I've just bought a 6000 D and wanted a spare spool,but baulked at the price.Just wondered if a same sized OC would fit. Pete.
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    What's the difference between the Shimano D and OC range

    I'm considering buying a Shimano 6000D or 6000 OC,and wondered what the difference/advantage of one over the other is. Thanks in advance. Pete.
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    Seamless eyed hooks are back

    For fans of the Korum S3 seamless eyed hooks,they're available again by Owner.The model is CT-5 Iseama.Pretty sure the Korum hooks were in fact Owner distributed by Korum.That arrangement has now ceased and Pure Fishing are now the distributors for Owner who are marketing the hooks in their own...
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    A folding shake and dry landing net is on its way

    After all the interest in the bargain Dinsmore landing net,I and several others bought one.:)Then what happens.Wychwood launch a folding D shaped specimen net with shake and dry mesh.:mad:It will be available in two sizes,25 and 30 inches,rrp £19.99 and £24.99.Don't know when it will hit the...
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    Keith Speer on Tight Lines this Friday

    Keith Speer is Keith Arthur's guest this Friday,24th Aug.Sky Sports 4 at 7p.m.
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    Korum Waterproof Bib'n'brace

    Anyone have any experience of these.In the market for a lightweight bib'n'brace,but must be waterproof but not heavily padded. Pete.
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    Wanted:Fox Duolite Avon

    Duolite Avon model number ARD015.Thanks for looking.(Sorted,please remove)
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    WANTED.Fox Duolite Barbel

    Must be in vgc.Thanks for looking. Pete.
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    Fox Duolite Avon(ARD015),or the top section only,or 2x1.25lb top sections suitable for a Greys Prodigy barbel.Thanks for looking.Pete.
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    Marco Cortesi screw modification

    I have a question for anyone with tool making skills. How difficult would it be to make a knurled screw to replace the Phillips that retains the spool on Marco Cortesi reels.It would save the bother of carrying a screwdriver to detach the spool on those occasions when the line goes down the...
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    Wanted:Fox trolling boat rod rest

    A pair would be even better.
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    Honda EU20i Generator

    Honda 4-stroke suitcase style 2kw generator.Owned from new,less than 12 hours use.Handbook and plug spanner still in plastic bag..Few scratches on the handle,caused when chaining to motorhome.No longer needed as motorhome sold.Could deliver for cost of diesel.....£650.
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    Wanted:2xboat rod rests(clamp type)

    Hi, I'm after at least 2 boat rod rests like the Fox model,that can be clamped to the side of the boat. Thanks . Pete.
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    Wychwood Extricator 9ft Stalking Rod

    I wondered if anyone has an opinion,good or bad,on the Wychwood Extricator 9ft 2.75lb test curve stalking rod.At £38 from my local tackle shop,I was considering buying a pair to use for piking from a boat. Thanks. Pete
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    2011 Compulsory Thames boat insurance.

    Being in the process of buying a trailerable boat for fishing the Thames,I've discovered that when licensing/relicensing a boat for use on the Thames as from next year,a proof of insurance is necessary.Could any boat owners out there give me an idea of which insurance company would give the...