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    Shelf life of pellets

    Lol not been on for ages 😁
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    Shelf life of pellets

    I think it's the oil in the pellets that goes off first. I guess the best thing to do is to use your nose. I keep mine in my bait freezer that way I know they are as good as they can be. Probably a confidence thing 😉
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    Leeds liverpool canal for big perch

    My experience of canal fishing for perch is that they soon move when put under pressure. I would start off fishing likely areas overhanging trees boats etc. You should soon get action if they are there.
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    Looks like fishing from this Wednesday

    Think the AT is asking for clarification on the night fishing issue.
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    winter fishing and gas dont work well ?

    I've been using one of these for over 20 years in all weathers without too many problems. Not as quick as gas but I'm never in too much of a hurry when I'm fishing TBH. It runs on meths & since I work in a lab that means free fuel ;)...
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    Chub in the winter

    It can often work the other way round... no bites on big baits but plenty on maggot.. that's one of the things that makes it interesting!
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    Boilies poll

    Shelf life for me... Doh didn't see the poll!!
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    Reel Repairs

    I have used these guys in the past - I would recommend: https://www.felindreinnovations.co.uk/
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    Lots of fishing books

    Hi Steven, Do you have Chris Turnbull's "a Time for Tench"? Best wishes Stephen.
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    Daiwa Powermesh Barbel 2.75lb TC

    Thanks for your input lads. I had a return trip over the weekend in slightly less extreme conditions and the korums coped well with the conditions this time. I think my initial post was a bit of a knee jerk reaction to me struggling in some very high water conditions. In retrospect I probably...
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    eBay bargain.

    Looks great Richard, perfect for day sessions and overnighters in summer :cool:
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    Daiwa Powermesh Barbel 2.75lb TC

    After the recent high water levels we have been experiencing I have run up against the limitations of my Korum 2.2lb expert rods. I have seen a second hand Daiwa powermesh 2.75lb barbel rod for sale. I am looking to cast a 6-8oz feeder/bomb up to 30yds using 15lb mainline. Can anyone...
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    Waterway Wanderers

    I was always under the impression that you could buy a day ticket on the bank from the Waterways Wanderer bailiff? In addition while fishing in the NW/Midlands I have never been asked to pay in the last 30yrs!!
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    River Carp, breeding.

    I always understood that if perch were present in the water then most of the carp fry ended up as perch food. I guess there must be numbers of perch in the Ouse? I would guess that carp suddenly appearing is most likely due to illegal stocking.
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    Are any small river barbel populations thriving?

    Hi Neil I have fished the Dane on and off for over 25 years. My personal view is that the river is just too small to hold a viable population of barbel now that otters are here to stay. IMO the otters have had a big effect on the levels of other fish. Chub numbers have dropped average size...
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    Back to Fishing after a break

    Good luck James let us know how you get on!
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    I have a question. Is this device any better than using a very large loaded swimfeeder, filled the same way as you would normally fill an open ender. Then cast into the swim and the contents struck out? I can see that it may be a bit more aerodynamic, therefore accurate but are there any more...
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    Hi Josh, why don't you ask on the PAAS forum?
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    Large Aqua Rucksack & Trakker Aerolite Bivvy

    I have a hardly used large Aqua rucksack (central compartment approx. 55-60liters). £25 plus delivery Some damage to drawstring cover - see photo, but compartment is secured by a zip so will not lead to loosing items etc. Also Trakker Aerolite bivvy, very tatty but still waterproof with heavy...
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    Collingham weir pegs 1 to 10

    Best to fish at night in that area Alex unless there's a bit of water (colour) on it can be tough in the day. The non-tidal middle sections can be more productive to day fishing, but again fish best with a bit of water (colour) on.