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  1. Neil Smart

    Drennan rod spares - what are the chances?

    Like Drennan gear, dislike their after sales. Tried them for tips and a replacement DRX top section, no good at all. Perhaps the only route is ebay?
  2. Neil Smart

    River Wye, Creel Stretch Wye and Usk Foundation.

    It's the Wye, take a bucket of groundbait and a few feeders and a smidgen of know how.
  3. Neil Smart

    Hemp my way.

    What's all this about the other halve(s) not liking the smell of cooking hemp? Mine is the same but don't understand to me it smells of a session on the River and a lovely nuttiness. All I do is put straight in the pot without soaking, simmer for about 20-30 minutes and leave to cool. And then...
  4. Neil Smart

    In line or Running Lead?

  5. Neil Smart

    quatford river severn

    Ian, what do you want to know ? it's the Severn the middle Severn, not much doing there as far as feature,s no weirs, not much flow and deep, ideal for your Bream I would say. ;)
  6. Neil Smart

    Reels for running line

    Was toying with using the baby 'stradics' but not sure how they will feel. I have recently bought a Okuma Pulzar 4000, bait runner, and it will make a good trotting reel I think, very very light and compact. How did you find the little 'uns performed Richard, with the float rod?
  7. Neil Smart

    Korum bolt and run

    Have been using this set up for a few seasons, but have reverted back to using two sleeves one on the hook length and one on the mainline, with the lead or feeder pushed over the sleeve on the mainline. It is so simple with the feeder or weight secure on the cast, it quickly come detached with a...
  8. Neil Smart


    It depends on weather conditions but it is common to see Barbel spawn after June 16th. Used to see this on the Teme.
  9. Neil Smart

    Can't see river reports

    I can access the reports by going to the main page, selecting River reports from the drop down menu. It's the 'strap' menu that doesn't work.
  10. Neil Smart

    What would you do in this scenario.

    Blimey, lighten up Ash.
  11. Neil Smart

    What would you do in this scenario.

    So it seems that since you made up your mind to deposit a gallon of pellet into the middle, I suppose the Carp was looking for cover? Must admit it sounds like a plan. :)
  12. Neil Smart

    Can't see river reports

    Spoke too soon, when I click on the link you sent me , was fine, but leave the page and retry, it fails...
  13. Neil Smart

    Can't see river reports

    All fixed now, thanks.
  14. Neil Smart

    Barbel on centrepin what LB line

    Yes I thought that with it being pre stretched there was possibly a downside. I will stick with the Maxxx until I get any problems. The Maxxx seems to be popular with American lure anglers, I suppose for it's casting ease above anything else .
  15. Neil Smart

    Can't see river reports

    Thanks Paul, please change my password.
  16. Neil Smart

    Barbel on centrepin what LB line

    Whilst we are talking line...I have just re-spooled one of my reels with Berkley Trilene Maxxx ,and it casts like a dream and at 10.b.s it's only .20mm diam. Very very supple, just wondered if anyone has used this stuff in anger? Has to be a downside (apart from being a tad expensive).
  17. Neil Smart

    Can't see river reports

    As per title I am unable to view these reports, says not 'enough priveleges ' I appreciate I haven't contributed much of late on there, but I am trying.. 🤔
  18. Neil Smart

    Nash Claw

    Someone recommended them on here some time ago, and I always check out the product, I actually have a lot of faith in recommendations on here, that's why I end up with a load of gear.🤔
  19. Neil Smart

    Nash Claw

    I use them, very good hooks.
  20. Neil Smart

    What would you do in this scenario.

    Ouch!! But then again experience will tell you that in such conditions well oxygenated water as in a weir pool offers little danger to the fish. But agreed who is to judge? Well of course we anglers will always judge, as society judges others, it's a Human condition that sets us apart . The OP...