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  1. Gary Wagstaff

    new reels

    looking for a pair of reels to replace my shimano 8000 xtea to match up to my korum 2.5tc 13 ft rods for the trent and flood fishing on the ribble. not looking to spend the earth as only use these rods 5 or 6 times a year thanks Gaz
  2. Gary Wagstaff

    bed chair

    looking to buy a compact bed chair with a good padded base for overnighters on the Dove and Upper Trent to go with new bivvy . gary
  3. Gary Wagstaff

    braid hooklegth

    there used to be some weed effect braid hook lenght material think it began with M looking to buy thanks
  4. Gary Wagstaff

    3500b boxes

    Anybody want theses two boxes as seen. Sold on my 3500b just found the boxes
  5. Gary Wagstaff


    which way to you boys hair rig them long ways or side ways . i rig them long ways no had much joy side ways
  6. Gary Wagstaff

    13 ft rod holdall

    looking for 2 or 3 rod holdall for my 13 ft korum 2.5 tc barbel rods any suggestions. thanks gary
  7. Gary Wagstaff

    £1.39 spomb

    Deep Water Beach Carp Fishing Floating Spod Bomb Bait Rocket Tackle Tool SY | eBay
  8. Gary Wagstaff

    big meat rig

    Thinking of fishing a big piece of meat over the winter .not something i fish a lot on the ribble what would be your choice of gear to make up the rig . Gaz
  9. Gary Wagstaff

    flood reel

    i am after a new reel to go on a chimera 3 which i only use when it well up have 3 3500bs which i will put on my diawa infinitys and on harrison snag an flood .i fish the ribble. thanks gaz
  10. Gary Wagstaff


    TM803 Fridge Refrigerator Freezer Digital Alarm Thermometer Meter EM#12 | eBay 3mt lead and water proof probe
  11. Gary Wagstaff

    shimano purist

    has anybody used the shimano purist rod and net quiver and the shelter tube. Shimano Purist Rod and Net Quiver Luggage | BobCo Fishing Tackle, Leeds. Shimano Purist Shelter Tube Bags Brollys and Bivvys | BobCo Fishing Tackle, Leeds. i am using the nash nomad 2 rod holdall carries well but no...
  12. Gary Wagstaff


    looking to change mainline for the coming season like the look of the surfix duo core camo line in 12lb .erics angling doing it for £9.49 free p&p has anybody used this line gaz
  13. Gary Wagstaff

    head torch

    at texaco garages £3.99 includes batteries well worth the money
  14. Gary Wagstaff

    river feeder rod

    i looking to buy a new river feeder rod but would like the tip sections to have larger eyes than the normal quiver tips i fish the ribble so 12/13ft new or second hand any suggestion .have been round the local tackle shops but cannot find a rod to suit thanks gary
  15. Gary Wagstaff

    getting rid of lead when snagged

    has anybody tried the out gardner tackle drop out chod safety clips . fishing an area of the ribble were there are a few snags and boulders or any more ideas to break lead free http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njGZNimw8IE
  16. Gary Wagstaff

    customer service nathans of derby

    had to return a chair to them this week purchased on 30th september .stitching coming undone ,had lost the receipt phoned them up exchanged it no problem did not want the same chair no problem .offered me one of the chairs they had in stock .settled on the korum supa-lite chair this looks a...
  17. Gary Wagstaff

    back up torch

    ALDI - Sunday Special Buys 21st October 2012 just got one of these great for the price and batteries supplied
  18. Gary Wagstaff

    home mades

    Made some boilies on sunday i left them to air dry the wife just rang shes found them i forget to freeze them as i not at home do i tell her to freeze them or bin them There in the house so have not got damp
  19. Gary Wagstaff

    meat fishing

    tried the search there was a post about meat fishing and using fuse wire to hold it in place can anybody help or post again how it was done thanks gaz
  20. Gary Wagstaff

    river ribble in flood

    live feed gone down try to put it back on later http://www.trafficengland.com/trafficcamera.aspx?cameraUri=http://public.hanet.org.uk/cctvpublicaccess/html/37500.html try this keeps going off http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/riverlevels/120712.aspx?stationId=5122 about...