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  1. Andy Bebbington


    yes seen a few on the bristol avon.
  2. Andy Bebbington

    New Rod builds.

    thinking of getting a rod built myself so will have a look see whats about.
  3. Andy Bebbington

    Polarized glasses

    still have my Maui Jim glasses i got off a guy on here and there really good also have some optix cormorants which are also very good but don`t look the best. Andy
  4. Andy Bebbington

    DNA Secret 7 Boilies

    used pandemic from sept to end of season on a very hard stretch and never had any barbel on them, that don`t mean there not any good just didn`t work for me. Andy
  5. Andy Bebbington

    Avon scales calibration

    took my Avons to a shop to get them calibrated and he told me they can`t be and all you can do is check to see if they are correct at a certain weight or over or under.
  6. Andy Bebbington

    River Records updated

    Hi Neil i totally agree mate and i would rather see that as well, A number of fish were stocked in the river a few months ago so fingers crossed, I personally don`t think the breeding habitat is correct some way or another and the numbers have slowly dwindled over that last 10 years or so and i...
  7. Andy Bebbington

    River Records updated

    The Bristol Avon record is amazing and in my opinion is not getting enough recognition as there are very few fish in that stretch of river and the river throughout. A 17 off the Bristol Avon is as good as one of those big 19 or 20lb fish off other rivers an amazing catch which makes the river...
  8. Andy Bebbington

    Korum Super Steel is super

    just what im looking for to replace my very old wavelock brolly so will be interested to see how it fairs. Andy
  9. Andy Bebbington

    Stinker of a season. Thank god its over

    Its hard work I've put lots and lots of time in on my loval Bristol Avon at least 30 sessions for 1 12lb fish and a handfull of chub. Suppose thats fishing for you 😁😉
  10. Andy Bebbington

    Manfrotto tripod

    reduced to £50 + deliver
  11. Andy Bebbington

    MeFoto Globetrotter tripod

    last reduction then removing from sale. £85 + delivery charge.
  12. Andy Bebbington

    Weather apps

    I have been using dark sky which has a free version or a paid one which is about £3 a year, find it good for short rang stuff.
  13. Andy Bebbington

    MeFoto Globetrotter tripod

    Now reduced to £95 + delivery.
  14. Andy Bebbington

    Line choice

    Had mine for a few years now but if memory serves me right i ordered from them direct.
  15. Andy Bebbington

    Line choice

    currently using Bass pro in different breaking strains.
  16. Andy Bebbington

    MeFoto Globetrotter tripod

    I have a Mefoto Globetrotter tripod for sale in mint condition includes carry bag. Can be used as a mono pod also. I want £120 + delivery charge or can be collected. Contact me for more details.
  17. Andy Bebbington

    Manfrotto tripod

    Reduced to £80
  18. Andy Bebbington

    Boilies poll

    Have used all of the above 1st choice would be to make my own, 2nd freezer baits,3rd shelf life. Andy
  19. Andy Bebbington

    Manfrotto tripod

    Manfrotto 190xpro with 3 way head(804rc2) £100 plus delivery cost or can be collect. The tripod is in very good condition little used.