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  1. Derek Funcks

    Best Beginner Book.

    A few more from the Dove. 👍 good luck pal. hope these help.
  2. Derek Funcks

    Best Beginner Book.

    Hi Danny, this is worth a watch, and loads more videos on youtube. 👍 https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=a+beginners+guide+to+barbel+fishing#kpvalbx=_s5bSXs_FDKGAhbIP57-c-AY23
  3. Derek Funcks

    Korum Fast mat

    Couple of tent pegs, simples 👍
  4. Derek Funcks

    Cuda Braid Scissors 3" Micro

    I can highly recommend these from the BFW shop, had them quite a few years, and are still as good as new. https://barbel.co.uk/product-category/rig-making-tools/
  5. Derek Funcks

    Looks like fishing from this Wednesday

    After Sunday's announcement, someone i know, rang a fishery which i won't name, and has got him and his mate a 48 hour session ????? :oops:
  6. Derek Funcks

    Angling Trust

  7. Derek Funcks

    Tackle that has gone up in value

    Catch Cult issue 1, i heard one sold on ebay for £50, and i nearly gave my one away free :eek: Also got an ABU closed faced reel with spare spools somewhere in the shed, not sure what model, never going to use it, so may dig it out. :) A Fox Duo-Lite specialist 13" float rod ARD 023, green...
  8. Derek Funcks

    Wanted - Pete Reading barbel 'pin

    As will a lot of much cheaper ones. ;):)
  9. Derek Funcks

    Lockdown watching

    The Brecon Beacons, Episode 2 https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b07g6zpk/the-brecon-beacons-with-iolo-williams-series-1-reversions-episode-2
  10. Derek Funcks

    Leeda icon tripod

    Hi Andy, i have one laying dormant in the shed if you want it, bought from a member on here a while back, good as new, but only used a couple of times, you cover the postage costs, or arrange a courier to pick it up, and its yours. 👍
  11. Derek Funcks

    Leeda icon tripod

    Can't see how David can comment on it when he's never owned one, and is just going on hearsay, ive had no problems with the head on mine, its very light, not cumbersome at all, and fits in a quiver with ease. So far, yes, i have only used it for sea fishing, but would put it ahead of a Trafford...
  12. Derek Funcks

    Leeda icon tripod

    Hi Chris, I got the Shakespeare salt about 18 months ago, more expensive than others, but very impressed, very light and easy to carry in its own holdall, quick and easy to set up, and very stable due to the 2 extra arms.
  13. Derek Funcks

    Golf and fishing to get the greenlight?

    I rent my cab off a guy who lives 4 miles from me, i pay my money to him on a thursday, i have to pass a public park on my way to and from his house, the car park has been absolutely rammed. I can see people laying on the grass SUNBATHING, WTF, are these people brain dead.
  14. Derek Funcks

    Lockdown watching

    Just as a change, one for any bird watching fans. although there is a spot of fishing included. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b076vhs7/the-brecon-beacons-with-iolo-williams-series-1-reversions-episode-1
  15. Derek Funcks

    Trying to remember a coarse monthly mag from the 90s...

    https://www.total-fishing.com/david-hall-passes-away/ This help any ?
  16. Derek Funcks

    If these restrictions are continued I'm going to be skint. What have you bought lately?

    Guys, there are people really struggling to make ends meet, esp the self employed, small business owners, shop keepers etc etc, stating your recent extravagant purchases is not helping your fellow anglers in these extreme times, please can you be a bit more sensitive, thank you. P.S. I don't...
  17. Derek Funcks

    If these restrictions are continued I'm going to be skint. What have you bought lately?

    Jon, Stephen, i really feel for you guys, i am lucky in that even though im self employed, and ive worked nights for over 30 years, ( much better earnings ), i still have the option of working days, just about earning enough to keep the wolf from the door. Stay safe guys.
  18. Derek Funcks

    DIY speci waggler

    Welcome Alex, as Cliff says, have a look at Daves website https://www.daveharrellangling.com/running-line-floats/
  19. Derek Funcks

    Sad times just makes us think

    An awful lot of people have now stopped work, or, are working from home. Nurses, doctors, medical staff are all still going in everyday, helping to save peoples lives, they dont have time to shop like others do, because of the long hours they work. I would tell ALL of them to wear their...