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  1. Mark Swaby

    What is it about old brown bottle Rod Hutchinson boilie flavours

    Just seen a very old brown100ml bottle of Rod Hutchinson Mullberry Florentine on Ebay with 2 hours to go its up to £350 with 18 bids from a number of bidders. They are also selling another bottle of Majic that is at £67. Is this madness and maybe some of you have some in a cupboard that will...
  2. Mark Swaby

    Fish you have seen that have blown you away but never caught

    Following on from the Holy grail thread I wonder if anyone has seen fish that blew your mind but you never caught. Fishing the Bristol Avon at Chippenham free stretch with Barbel gear many years ago I spotted a solitary Roach well over 3lb. I had some 2lb line on me so tired on a hooklength a...
  3. Mark Swaby

    Collingham weir car park lost Fox duolite 2.75lb rods x2 Reward 07932581176

    A lad called Brad is asking for help on Ebay to get his two Fox Duolite Floodwater 2.75lb rods in a Trakker rod bag back . He left them in Collingham weir car park back on Tuesday December 3rd, he is offering a reward. Do not know the lad but thought it worth a post here if anyone can help.
  4. Mark Swaby

    The sign of a real Celebrity

    Yesterday I attended The Big One at Farnborough and saw with my own eyes a true Celebrity (though he would probably not admit it). Jeremy Wade spent two whole days, one of them his Birthday, signing items, shaking hands, smiling for selfies, listening to their stories and talking like a mate...
  5. Mark Swaby

    Randy at the weekend

    A mate Bobby had a surprise catch at the weekend.He did say it was almost impossible to remove
  6. Mark Swaby

    Water voles

    My local river the Colne in West London had a massive population of water voles when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's.The release of Mink from farms devastated the population and they became extinct. This season on one stretch I manage we have started to see a few return. Its like being...
  7. Mark Swaby

    Bendy Barbel

    Yesterday afternoon i caught a very friendly Bendy 12lb Barbel. I refuse to use the term 'M**g fish' for this Girl. She has been a lot of anglers PB this season and has made a number of my clubs anglers very happy .The small river section also has another bendy girl around the same size. I...
  8. Mark Swaby

    Work parties

    The club i run a fishery for does not have compulsory work parties. We rely on members turning up and helping .That usually results in 2 or 3 regular members turning up with the rest of the work party made up of bailiffs and other fishery managers/officials,never enough to do the work...
  9. Mark Swaby

    Chalk stream Barbel and cold temps

    Seeing the Wandle Barbel on the home page reminded me of something i heard recently.Chalk streams rarely run below 10 degrees, so even though the outside temperatures are negative you still have a good chance. I also fish a chalk stream and find that Barbel feed every day of the year no matter...
  10. Mark Swaby

    New License due soon please check dates, the 31st march might not apply

    Last year the EA changed their license policy and it might be possible some might get caught out. Normally the license ran from the 31st march for one year but from last year the license ran from the day it was bought . My license runs out on 2nd april,a friends on the 5th april, i wonder if...
  11. Mark Swaby

    Harrow 50 acre Harefield no2 total fish kill

    About 2 weeks ago a total fish kill occurred on this 50 acre local lake due to oxygen levels being too low for life to survive.50 plus year old carp,massive numbers of pike,bream, tench,etc and lots of catfish all perished.Some things were seen prior to the kill...
  12. Mark Swaby

    Has the retirement area of UK anglers changed?

    For many many years everyone i knew in the fishing community aspired to retire down to Dorset for the Hampshire Avon and Stour. Recently it seems the Welsh Borders and the Wye have taken over as the place to retire to.As i am looking at retiring i would like some advise on the reasons people...
  13. Mark Swaby

    Flood defense teams fitting Otter holts whilst clearing the banks illegally

    Interesting post on Des Taylor's facebook page by a retired EA fishery officer.About flood defence teams installing Otter holts whilst working on fisheries cutting down trees, without informing the club or land owner.Sorry i do not know how to cut and paste,it makes a mockery of the whole...
  14. Mark Swaby

    Do you think there were Other UK Barbel species than barbus barbus in the past

    After looking at the home page photo of Jon's Dearne fish it looks slightly different to other Barbus Barbus you see caught in the UK.When i look at the Dearne gallery there are also other similar looking fish.That massive long sloping forehead and sticking out snout is so distinct and...
  15. Mark Swaby

    Desperate states in West London

    River Colne at London Colney 2nd photo is the river Chess . The Rivers Colne and Chess, both Chalk Streams, west of London.The Sign say's it all.I went to a meeting of the Colne Valley fisheries consultative last week.They have been informed when HS2 starts up in 2 years time there...
  16. Mark Swaby

    Rod license due Tomorrow

    Tomorrow the new rod license is due don't get without they do seem to target people who accidentally forget this week.
  17. Mark Swaby

    Rod sling advice please

    I am looking for a padded rod sling to take 1 made up 12 foot,2 piece rod and a pin, i do want a shoulder strap, space for a landing net handle would be a plus,what would you recommend,thanks in advance.
  18. Mark Swaby

    Okuma aventa spools cheap on ebay

    £29.00 for spare spool on ebay,buy it now, if anyone wants a cheap addition,they only have 3 to sell.Hope someone on here gets a bargain
  19. Mark Swaby

    Aldi chopped ham/pork and bacon grill

    Just been shopping in a local Aldis and saw that the large tins of Hunters bacon grill and chopped ham and pork was down to 69p from 99p .I have no idea of the Quality but maybe someone knows if its any good.
  20. Mark Swaby

    Cock a doodle doo

    Many of you might know that i love to travel and fish.About 15 years ago,whilst on a fishing holiday, a friend spoke about his popper fishing in Panama.One of his favorite fish was the Rooster fish,when i came back home to England i googled the species.I thought it one of the most beautiful...