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  1. Gerry Giles

    Compact lightweight Barrow

    Hi just a heads up as they are on offer at the moment anyone looking for a smaller compact barrow thats not needed to take the kitchen sink ! a mate just bought one of these and is raving about how good it is for £74.99 ...
  2. Gerry Giles

    Lockdown watching

  3. Gerry Giles

    Sad times just makes us think

    It’s a big eye opener all of this, isn’t it We are finally realising money has no value. Your amazing job is no longer an amazing job, your expensive clothes now have no worth and no one gives a shit how you look anymore. Your big house is just 4 empty walls like everyone else’s. Your nice car...
  4. Gerry Giles

    Extra 20% off everything

    Just saying Go Outdoors have a decent sale on https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR181O8J2ds42brutzVFacSJaHj-xKf1ADreaQu4lR8TMBPqmKvkwIHj5I4
  5. Gerry Giles

    The Big One show just been cancelled

    The Big One show just been cancelled or rather postponed as they will try a bit later in the year if this virus gets sorted
  6. Gerry Giles

    Total fishing tackle flash sale 12 hours only

    Total fishing tackle flash sale today the code for 15% off is valid for just 12 hours only and is .......FLASHSALE Hope this may help someone
  7. Gerry Giles

    Valentines day

  8. Gerry Giles

    winter fishing and gas dont work well ?

    if your struggling in the winter with butane gas not working due to freezing conditions we all know gas canister covers dont work and can make it worse unless you slip a disposable hand warmer in it you can sleep with it Pee on it etc etc but trust me this is the forever solution so it well...
  9. Gerry Giles

    Fascinating interview with the man behind Aqua !!!!!!!!!

    If you are bored and have an hour to spare ? I can recommend watching this one mans efforts and knock backs and sheer hard graft come together in the end just a brilliant story about Angling tackle some of us use one of the best interviews of a down to earth man I have ever watched ENJOY !!
  10. Gerry Giles


    Hi folks this post is for all the people that own a smart phone and dont know about an App that could quite literally save your life (I URGE YOU ALL TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP ON YOUR PHONE NOW) we as anglers are some times down a track somewhere round a lake or down the river bank now picture the...
  11. Gerry Giles

    hooks again ! Korda Krank ?

    I was moochin in the tackle shop as you do and saw some Korda Krank hooks they really do look the mutts nuts !! I see they do the normal Korda Krank but they also do some Korda Krank X that are a thicker gauge wire for heavier duty work so has anyone been using them and can give some feedback ?
  12. Gerry Giles

    Leaking Coleman stove fix

    I decided to sell one of my 4 Coleman petrol stoves Model 533 and I wanted to make sure it was 100% perfect its hardly been used and sat in its case for a few years but on testing I was shocked to find it was leaking from the valve !!! so I made some inquiries and Coleman will only sell the...
  13. Gerry Giles

    all sorted now

    got some
  14. Gerry Giles

    HEADLAMPS the ultimate !

    HEADLAMPS People that know me know I have a passion for headlamps after over 50 years of carp fishing I have owned and used pretty much every headlamp going ( apart from the ridgemonkey looked at one its way too heavy uncomfortable well overpriced IMO ) I would not buy one ever including 3...
  15. Gerry Giles

    broke or lost something ?

    I recently lost a part of my brolly System tried everywhere until I found KP Spares worth making a note of this top bloke just in case you need a part https://www.facebook.com/kpspares/ https://kpspares.co.uk/
  16. Gerry Giles

    SLOW melt PVA !

    I like using slow melt PVA mesh as this time of the year with the warmer water normal PVA Mesh melts to quickly in flowing water and so I thought I would give you the heads up as they have a new website that you can order direct its blooming good stuff !! https://www.pvadirect.com/
  17. Gerry Giles

    fishing rig Scissors

    on another forum I belong to people were recommending some needlework Scissors with out the fishing tax on I bought a pair they were right they are the nuts Westcott Titanium Fine Point Needlework Scissors they do them in straight tip or curved tip
  18. Gerry Giles

    tonight !! BT sport 2, Monday night 9pm, chasing everything that will pick up a boilie on the Trent. see if you recognise any stretches

    BT sport 2, Monday night 9pm, chasing everything that will pick up a boilie on the Trent. see if you recognise any stretches
  19. Gerry Giles


    I thought I would mention this as it may help some one like me lol I bought a as new FOX SPECIALIST BROLLY :cool: when I put it up in my garden its like new bigsmile ! BUT !!!! when I came to collapse it ? I could not see any button to press and I just could not work out how it could fold up...
  20. Gerry Giles

    BBC1 Countryfile 19.00 !

    well worth watching lincolnshire ....>Ellie also sees how eels are being used to combat the threat from invasive signal crayfish