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    Reel hunt

    I had a pair of the 2500 X aero reels - lovely smooth reels but the line got trapped several times. I sold them because of it, I never lost a fish due to the issue but I wasn't going to take the risks. Such an obvious design flaw - I was really disappointed as I always rated shimmys. I got a...
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    Items you have purchased to use while fishing without paying carp tax

    Would these be ok for smaller fish - roach, chub etc? I was looking at them over the weekend.
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    Fishing For memories a must See!!!

    Yep, excellent videos and not a carp in sight! I've subscribed for a while and really enjoyed the recent float fishing on the river and also the tench videos he filmed. Well worth a look if you haven't seen them!
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    new reels

    I've got a pair of Daiwa BR 3500 that I've been very happy with. They do them in bigger sizes and they're front drag with a bait runner system. Around £75 a reel.
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    Ronnie rigs for barbel?

    Thanks again for everyone's comments. One of the many wonderful things about this site is that a keen angler like myself, who is by no means an expert, can ask questions or other's opinions and it's possible to have a sensible conversation online. I fish the Thames, this season it's become...
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    2 rod sleeve offering full rod protection?

    I've got the Trakker 3 rod and it's a quality product - significantly more protection than the Drennan specialist which I have also owned. Drennan also do a 2 rod hard holdall for about £55 but I've not seen any first hand - I was looking into the same thing recently.
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    Ronnie rigs for barbel?

    I've used a soft braid hair that comes off the bottom of the hook. I was planning on using it with boilies but could be used for pellets - I guess if you used a long enough hair it could be used for meat but that wasn't my intention. When I tested it and as Hatter mentioned the hook flips over...
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    Ronnie rigs for barbel?

    Thanks Chris - I appreciate your comments. I've got no issue at all if people think that there have been no improvements since - 'John Wilson' used to catch them. At the end of the day if we closed our minds as human beings we'd never advance as individuals nor as a society.
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    Ronnie rigs for barbel?

    Thanks for all the comments. I don't disagree that there is plenty of overkill in the carp world but if anyone has ever seen any of the underwater footage then it's clear to see how often baits get ejected, not completely sucked in etc. I appreciate different species etc and conditions but the...
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    Ronnie rigs for barbel?

    The cold weather and a turbulent River Thames had me thinking about rigs. I currently use the 'flip' rig - curved shank hook with a small hook aligner and some shrink tube on the bottom of the hook. I've been really happy with hook holds and this made me wonder if the Ronnie rig could be used...
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    Type of rig you use?

    I use short hooklengths often 6-7 inches on a bolt rig - I want to minimise the risk of pick ups not converting.
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    Does anyone know how much the llits are?
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    Thank you.
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    Anyone able to insert a link toto the facebook page? I'd also be interested if anyone gas bought the kits and if so what is involved.
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    Shocking murder of a bloke trying to catch a few barbel

    I fish the opposite side, as you obviously know Gerry that is a very tucked away spot. I wouldn't night fish there and I've fished into the early hours elsewhere on the river but never had any issues. Terrible and scary what happened, it does make you think about when and where to fish I agree.
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    3mtr landing net handle

    Drennan - they are superb!
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    Float fishing for carp

    I always used to fish to features where possible, lillies or overhanging trees etc. 6-8lb line straight through and I used to put a band on the hook and fish a large pellet or lump of meat to deter the smaller fish. As above, I've had them up to 20lb on a power float rod. Great fun!
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    Tench - fishing on a new lake question.

    Hi Dave. Thanks for your advice. I have started prebaiting a spot but was thinking up to about 10am would be the window but I'll experiment with times. I've been there a few times now and the fish just don't seem to show much at all. The spot I've chosen isn't an option for night fishing so...
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    Lead core

    I have used it on both rivers and lakes previously but as others have mentioned stopped due to the safety concerns. The issue that bothered me was when the lead starts showing through potentially stopping the lead from coming off in the result of a break. I now use 15 or 25lb fluorocarbon as a...