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  1. Derek Funcks

    River Cams

  2. Derek Funcks

    Sea Fishing

    Just got home from only my second ever sea fishing trip. First one was off the rocks at Anglesey a good few years back. This time, i was invited to tag along with a fellow cab driver, and his mate. We would be fishing the River Mersey at low tide at Perch Rock, New Brighton, on the Wirral. What...
  3. Derek Funcks

    Shrink Tubing

    Anyone on here use this stuff ? If so, have a look here. Seems quite cheap. https://www.tmart.com/328pcs-2-1-Polyolefin-Halogen-Free-Heat-Shrink-Tube-Sleeving-Set-Black-Red-Yellow-Blue-Green_p342205.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=email0223&utm_campaign=0223-2018-sy16
  4. Derek Funcks

    Home Page Picture

    Andy Francis my a**e :eek: Its a young Hugh Grant :D;):p:D
  5. Derek Funcks

    Any Kryston Fans ?

    Just a heads up folks. Tackle Exchange 48 hour sale, all spools £2.50 https://www.thetackleexchange.co.uk/product-category/new/sale-items/page/6/?orderby=date
  6. Derek Funcks

    Catch Cult 3

    Where is it ????? :(
  7. Derek Funcks

    Chest Waders

    I appreciate you get what you pay for, but, for anyone looking for their first pair of waders to give it a try, these don't look too bad at all. Others may know better. :) http://www.tedcarter.co.uk/trakker/trakker-n2-chest-waders?mc_cid=2586fdd1fe&mc_eid=1e7d5a6863 :)
  8. Derek Funcks

    Penn Slammer fans

    maybe of interest to someone. :) http://www.askari-fishing.co.uk/penn-slammer-reels_0120750.html
  9. Derek Funcks

    Aldi special buys ( salopettes )

    these may be of use to someone, made by Crane who make the superb, value for money, tackle bags. :) https://www.aldi.co.uk/p/071845109744302?utm_source=Aldi&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=Product%20Image&utm_campaign=SpecialbuyEmail12thJanuary breathable, windproof and waterproof. on sale...
  10. Derek Funcks

    All Time Favourite Piece Of Barbel Tackle ???

    Rod, Reel, Line, Hook, Landing Net, or even Bait ??? What would you never leave home without ? Me? probably my 3500b reels, the rolls royce of barbel reels IMHO, as well as my favourite Pallatrax hooks, i know that's 2, but hey ho :D What's yours ??? :)
  11. Derek Funcks

    Shimano 5000 GTE

    As above, excellent condition, comes with spare spool. £ 60 posted.
  12. Derek Funcks

    Skretting Pellet Sale

    Be quick lads/ladies, they won't last long. Bargain. :) Fishing Bait | Dragon Carp Skretting Pellet | Fishing Pellets Lots of other bargains to be had too :) Fill your boots ;)
  13. Derek Funcks

    Night Fishing

    Anyone looking for a new style head torch, you won't go far wrong with these. An absolute bargain at £2.99. Get in quick lads/lasses before there gone. ;) https://www.aldi.co.uk/frog-head-torch/p/070588048900703 Seriously, anyone looking for a cheap lightweight rucksack...
  14. Derek Funcks

    Drop shotting

    Can anyone please explain, in layman's terms, exactly, what this method of fishing consists of. As far as i'm aware, ( and i'm probably wrong ) its basically ledgering underneath your feet, using a long thin weight to get the bait down. Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks guys/gals. ;)
  15. Derek Funcks

    Weather Update

    6.46 a.m. Liverpool. Alternating between sleet and snow. :) Good luck to anyone brave/mad enough. :)
  16. Derek Funcks

    Thank You Mr Elliott

    Would just like to say, a massive Thank You, to Mr Graham Elliott, for being a wonderful host/guide for the last 2 days on the river Wye. :) The fishing was extremely hard, as the water was so cold, but me and my pal ( John ), still, both managed to land a barbel. Thanks again Graham. Already...
  17. Derek Funcks

    New Record

    Most users ever online was 769, Yesterday at 10:58. :) (25th Feb 2016 ):) Well done BFW :):):) I was in bed and missed all the fun. :(:p;):rolleyes::D:eek::)
  18. Derek Funcks


    Looking for a spare spool(s) for a Shimano 3500b if anyone has any they'd like to sell. :)
  19. Derek Funcks

    Cheap new fanny pack

    Anyone tried these ? :) Multifunction Outdoor Leg Bag Utility Thigh Fanny Pack Hiking Hunting - US$9.99
  20. Derek Funcks

    Tribute to Barry

    Hi Graham, sorry, i don,t do boats, i get sea sick on the Mersey Ferry :D But if you,ve got any future events planned for fishing from the beach/rocks, i,d be very interested. Thank You. :) Just a heads up, last year, 2 friends and i spent 3 days at Trearduh Bay on Anglesey, fishing from the...