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  1. Jon Young

    Shelf life of pellets

    I had a bucket for about 6 years or so that caught me plenty of fish when I started using them again
  2. Jon Young

    Looks like fishing from this Wednesday

    If you do it online it is all computerised so your license will be valid straight away. You might have to wait to actually receive your license though
  3. Jon Young

    Looks like fishing from this Wednesday

    It will be heaving on all lakes by the weekend if the weather is good. Iv not fished a lake in a fair few years now so I’m not really missing out. Normally at this time of year I’m just counting the days til the rivers reopen
  4. Jon Young

    Spopper rod and reel?

    I use a big Bertha spod rod rod for carping that’s 5lb tc I think. I use a 4lb tc rod for marker but that would be fine for spombing on the river. Got both second hand. Think the big Bertha was fairly expensive but the other rod was about 25 quid
  5. Jon Young

    If these restrictions are continued I'm going to be skint. What have you bought lately?

    Nothing. Not been paid for 3 weeks and won’t be paid til June by the looks of it and that’s if the government pay out
  6. Jon Young

    I need a quality Umbrella

    I need one as well as mine is pushing 30 years old. I had a look at the big one show a few weeks back and didn’t see a single one only the brolly/bivvy systems. The one I got currently is huge but heavy being that old thick material and I’d be worried with the newer ones ripping on the thorn...
  7. Jon Young

    Sad times just makes us think

    These places will be remembered after this dies down and I imagine they will regret trying to profiteer
  8. Jon Young

    Illegal closed season fishing

    Didn’t think you was allowed to use hemp as free bait in close season. Thought it was worms only
  9. Jon Young

    In need of a new landing net head.

    Not sure how I got my reply into the middle of johns quoted tweed but it’s in there if anyone wants to read it lol
  10. Jon Young

    Securing a brolly with guy ropes

    You can get adapters that fit on the arms of your brolly that u can fit banksticks to to hold it down.
  11. Jon Young

    The Big One

    I was hoping to get some pellets but they wasn’t as cheap as I was hoping they would be. Unless you brought one of those 25kg sacks or whatever they were and there was no way I was gonna carry one of them back to the car. I only had a quick walk the round the place to be fair so probably missed...
  12. Jon Young

    The Big One

    Anyone been to the show today? I popped up for an hour. Got myself a new bag as the zips are going on mine and just a few leads and some pva. Anyone brought themselves anything nice?
  13. Jon Young

    Travel rod advice

    The price of a rod means nothing in terms of catching fish in my opinion so long as the rod is up for the job and doesn’t fall apart. The line and hook is a lot more important along with having your bait in the right place at the right time
  14. Jon Young

    Burton on Trent Fishing and Accommodation

    Have you had a look on booking.com just put in your dates and area. Should be a few to choose from. Can’t help with the fishing though as never fished around there
  15. Jon Young

    Maggot clip confusion

    You would double hook a fish if it wasn’t straight
  16. Jon Young

    Roaming chair

    That’s what Iv been using an unhooking mat. Had 2 from years ago and they make rubbish chairs in my opinion
  17. Jon Young

    Ruckbag replacement

    I had to replace my chair this year and brought a chub classic chair I think it’s called. It fits in the clips just about. I think the height of the back of the chair is what you want to look out for cause if it’s a high back it might not fit the shoulder straps. My chub chair is similar...
  18. Jon Young

    Ruckbag replacement

    Is there any thing on the bag to stop the chair moving sideways like the hooks on the korum bag?