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  1. Rod Fowler

    Until 15 June

    Tench, crucians, carp and bream for me. Made a start yesterday with my first couple of tench and bream this year. The lakes generally keep me occupied until the winter, but I’ve promised myself a much earlier start on the rivers this year.
  2. Rod Fowler

    Drennan Acolyte Plus 10ft Feeder Rod

    ps. the Drennan 10/11ft Carp Feeder Combo rod is one of their Series 7 rods and is, I now notice, still available. Really nice little rod, but I always reach for the Matchpro first if a 12 footer is usable. It really is great rod and a joy to use.
  3. Rod Fowler

    Drennan Acolyte Plus 10ft Feeder Rod

    Been using a 12ft Drennan Matchpro Medium Feeder with glass tips for my winter chubbing for many years. Still love it for smaller rivers. Drennan still sell them which probably says a lot for it. More recently acquired a 10/11ft Carp Feeder Combo for even smaller streams, a little softer but...
  4. Rod Fowler

    Merry Xmas to all BFWers

    Thanks Graham. Happy Christmas one and all. Not fished much for barbel in recent times, but this is still THE go-to forum for me thanks everyone on here. All the best for 2020.
  5. Rod Fowler

    Sweetcorn for barbel?

    Had several from the Kennet on corn in the days when barbel were more numerous.
  6. Rod Fowler


    Great to explore a ‘new’ river Steve. Good result, well done.
  7. Rod Fowler

    Sea Fishing

    As one who has sea fished only very occasionally and heard only sad tales of the decline in shore fishing, it was good to read this thread. Thanks guys.
  8. Rod Fowler

    Lovely underwater barbel footage

    Beautiful. Thanks Andy.
  9. Rod Fowler

    RIP John Wilson

    Huge loss to angling. I too was inspired by A Specimen Fishing Year and even sought out The Marsh long after its demise just to walk the banks. RIP JW.
  10. Rod Fowler


    Knew that Graham, your catch just reminded me of some happy days in Berkshire. Glad you've found an alternative.
  11. Rod Fowler


    Brilliant Graham, takes me back to RBF.
  12. Rod Fowler

    Tench 2016 - 2018 and counting ......

    That bite rate sounds like our fishing on the Pat's and the Loddon nowadays Graham, although the Wey chub fishing is proving more reliable, albeit with smaller fish. Can't have everything in one place I suppose.
  13. Rod Fowler

    Tench 2016 - 2018 and counting ......

    Still very nice fishing Graham. I'm sure the other species will come. I've managed 16 tincas over the past two weeks, only up to 4-08, but good fun on a lightish tip rod and a good start given the weather we've been having. Good luck!
  14. Rod Fowler

    Congratulations to Paul4 Whiteing!!

    I'll second that. Very well done Paul.
  15. Rod Fowler

    new fishing jacket

    Rightly or wrongly, I prefer good Goretex or equivalent jackets from the likes of Cotswold rather than stuff from the tackle trade, but like Steve Reed I am also seeking some good quality salopettes, so I'd also be grateful if anyone could recommend any.
  16. Rod Fowler

    Hi all, i'm posting again

    Nice one Granty, you've woken eveyone up, brilliant! :)
  17. Rod Fowler


    Not so long ago my mate Rod Swadling taught me and called it 'rolling'. He mostly used either no weight other than the bait or a bare minimum of shot on a stream you know very well Paul, and caught a lot of barbel in the daytime when most were fishing static baits (as I had done) after dark...
  18. Rod Fowler

    Crucian carp

    Wonderful stuff Mark. The crucians in Harris are a bit smaller on average now, but still beautiful fish and a joy to catch. The current approach is a bit more conventional. Its great to catch them on float, but the bites can be tricky to hit so I prefer light method rigs which allows me two...
  19. Rod Fowler


    Cracking roach Graham, and the carp should keep you in trim for 16 June :)
  20. Rod Fowler

    Anyone got the Tench rods out yet?

    No day tickets on any Farnham AS waters, just guest tickets from local tackle details in advance at a tenner per rod. Also, the Frensham Ponds are closed during the traditional close season.