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  1. Jon Young

    The Big One

    Anyone been to the show today? I popped up for an hour. Got myself a new bag as the zips are going on mine and just a few leads and some pva. Anyone brought themselves anything nice?
  2. Jon Young

    Match times baa

    Hi guys does anyone know what time the matches normally start and finish on baa stretches?
  3. Jon Young

    Spam (from hijacked thread)

    I know the feeling. Brought 24 tins of hot and spicy spam today ready. Love the peg that photo was taken in. Hit the right spot and you hardly get chance to put the rod down before a take. Can’t wait to get back there
  4. Jon Young

    Diawa ss2600 troubles

    Hi men Anyone had any trouble with the line getting caught in the bail arm on these reels. Had it snap on me 3 times now at the reel when going to reel in. Last time it happened I noticed the line was caught under the plastic on the side of where it runs through the bail arm. Anyone else had...
  5. Jon Young


    Does anyone know if the baa let you eel fish on their waters during the closed season?
  6. Jon Young

    Bfw rods

    Could anyone who has purchased tell me please if you have to pay fully up front or can you do half on order half whe complete? My mate had some custom barbel rods built and that was how he payed. I know it isn't any cheaper but would seem cheaper as your not paying one big lump sum. Cheers Jon
  7. Jon Young

    Best winter baits.

    Sorry if threads been done to death in past but what baits do you guys go for over the winter? I don't fish a great deal for barbel over the winter because I'm a funny one when it comes to being hot/cold so generally stay in the comforts of my home in the winter. Used to fish for carp in...
  8. Jon Young

    New net needed

    Hi all. I'm sure there was a thread on here not long back about nets but I can't seem to find it so was wondering if anyone can recommend a good pan net. I'm not bothered about it being a folding net just want one big enough to be safe but not ridiculously huge. Thanks Jon
  9. Jon Young

    Ill barbel

    I hooked into a fish tonight and literally just reeled it in as if it was a 4oz roach. When I came to net it I saw it was a barbel which by the length of it should of been around the 5lb mark but it was incredibly thin. After it's head it's body just went in and it was just like it was hollow...