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  1. Richard Barrett

    Dunham bridge Trent question.

    Guys just wanted to ask about this area and the tides. Is it reasonably safe to fish this tidal beat please? Are there platform swims, or just cut out from the bank, I'm just getting a bit unsteady on my feet nowadays that's all, I have to take a bit of care. Is the bottom rocky like the rest of...
  2. Richard Barrett

    Meat in or out?

    There is no doubt meat still catches a lot of Barbel and Chub. I just wondered if anyone fishes it in the bait anymore? When I float-fish I always fish it in the meat, that allows me to fish it along the bottom. It still gets caught up at times, but not as often as on a hair. I've never found a...
  3. Richard Barrett

    Trent Roach.

    Just wondered if any kind sole would give me a heads up? I'd like to do some summer hemp and caster fishing for big roach, (if we ever get back) does anyone know of places on the Trent that throw up some better roach? I know most of us fish for barbel in the summer, but i do fancy a big roach to...
  4. Richard Barrett

    Groundbait in floods?

    Just wondered what you guys use in flood and if it works well? I'm going to try the Trent soon (once its down a bit more) with meat and worms, feeder too. Thanks all.
  5. Richard Barrett

    Type of rig you use?

    Just wonder if anyone using a helicopter rig for river barbel? I'm expecting most use a form of running rig, if so is it a simple set up, or do you double the line for the weight, twizzle boom maybe? Just interested, I fancy to rotary for several reasons, just a simple one.?
  6. Richard Barrett

    Rods a bit different?

    I brought some Daiwa Longbow DF floater rods some time ago. I must say the action is light and quick with a nice soft tip, they are making ideal barbel rods. They will not cast 4oz, but I can lob them, 2.25lb test, worth a thought guys, I'm really pleased with them.
  7. Richard Barrett

    Combi query?

    Two points about the combi. Is it worth having the braided section a little longer, like 3''. And I'm thinking you could use a swivel to join the two lines, and then shrink tube over the top? Just random thoughts while it's raining outside?
  8. Richard Barrett

    Trent rod rests.

    Would like to find a two rod rest for the river Trent. The banks are too hard most o the time, so a pod style version would be ideal really. Any thoughts, not too expensive please?
  9. Richard Barrett

    Lord Ted pub water?

    Anyone know who owns the water near the Lord Ted pub, the A46 goes over it. Upstream to the Marina and down to the Power station please?
  10. Richard Barrett

    Prologic max 5 pro armour.

    Does anyone have any feedback on this coat please? Is it warm and waterproof, and does it come true to size.
  11. Richard Barrett

    Rod for big chub and barbel.

    Anyone know of a good short quiver rod 9' to 11' that would take line 6lb to 8lb B/S. Its for small river close quarter rod to fish chub and barbel. Thanks. Rich.
  12. Richard Barrett

    Abu 501 advice.

    Hello. I'm looking at buying a nice little 501 with the anti reverse removed. Is this a good idea, it's £55 from a person I know, but the reel is only seen in pictures. For the money I'm thinking I cannot go too far wrong. Quick reply please? Rich.
  13. Richard Barrett

    Gold Label Pro Gold.

    Just wondered if anyone had used this in lower breaking strains like 4-6lb please? Feedback?
  14. Richard Barrett

    New homes, LOW river levels.

    Where I live these is a proposal for 4,000 new homes over then next few years. Now its a simple question, but rarely asked. WHERE WILL THE WATER COME FROM for all those people to wash, toilet, car washing etc. The local river is the Witham that suffers with low levels in summer anyway. Lets say...
  15. Richard Barrett

    Trent advice location?

    I don't take asking people for swim location likely, but I've been around the forum some years now and hope you some know and trust me? I've managed to get a ticket of the Notts Federation and have the Viaduct beat on the book. I'm not after barbel this season, but would like a big chub. So if...
  16. Richard Barrett

    Extra large hemp?

    Does anyone know where you can buy this at a reasonable price, please? I've found some, but boy it's expensive. Thanks all.
  17. Richard Barrett

    Bivvys on the banks.

    Fished a local reservoir last week, it’s a day only water. I was really surprised to find the Carp lads with the bivys fully loaded for just a few hours fishing. Is this becoming a syndrome when the building of a home to fish from, is a important as the actual fishing? I’m not knocking anyone...
  18. Richard Barrett

    Cat among the pigeons!

    Hook links and barbel. Been reading some recent barbel articles where the writers all seem to be following the carp anglers trend for braided hook links. I believe that a good soft nylon ( extra limp ) is a good as anything. I say that as a fisherman who thinks regardless of what you use...
  19. Richard Barrett

    Best boilies.

    Over the years what boilies would you say has been the most successful for the barbel angler. Someone told me the ones from Dynamite The Source? Whats been your favourite, one you would not go barbel fishing without?
  20. Richard Barrett

    My new friend Bob.

    Just sent a payment to Bob.:cool: Is he 100% reliable, or likely to be off with my money to Thailand shacked up with a ladyboy for the foreseeable future?:D Seriously, it is nice how this forum works in so many ways. People make friends, get advice from others on all aspects of barbel...