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  1. Stuart Prescott

    Wanted : diawa

    Chris has it spot on Hi Chris , I’ve seen the pair on eBay , a bit far to collect right now and also a little rich
  2. Stuart Prescott

    Wanted : diawa

    Hello all , I’m looking for a pair of original diawa powermesh 12 ft 2:25 tc I think the code was pm2214 ?
  3. Stuart Prescott

    Angling Trust

    I personally think angling and other outdoor activities stand a very good chance of getting some form of a green light when the lockdown is re-assessed next week after listening to a government official on the radio this morning into work I didn't catch his name , but he was acknowledging the...
  4. Stuart Prescott

    Corn Steep Liquor

    A little trick I used a few years ago when I was solely barbel focused was to use marmite A tablespoon dissolved in hot water then drizzled over my pellets gave me great success at the time It was also cheap and easy to store if you aren’t planning on using lots of the stuff
  5. Stuart Prescott

    2 rod sleeve offering full rod protection?

    Not even remotely bulky in my view . 2 external pockets for sticks and pod , brolly in the outside pocket on the back , landing net pole forms the spine , all folds up and goes under the brolly
  6. Stuart Prescott

    2 rod sleeve offering full rod protection?

    The trakker 2 rod should have been your choice
  7. Stuart Prescott

    Books for sale.

    Txt sent Steven
  8. Stuart Prescott

    Fox XL easy mat

    Fox XL easy mat . All round excellent condition , just a small rip to the handle of the carry bag but the mat has zero damage £45
  9. Stuart Prescott

    Greys stalker

    Greys stalker rod. 9 ft , 2 piece , 2:75 tc Mint condition as you can see from the pics These are no longer made in this format , greys have took it to a 3 piece version Unfortunately no cloth bag £60
  10. Stuart Prescott

    Shimano 3500b brand new

    If I didn’t have three already I would bite your hand off at that price
  11. Stuart Prescott

    2 rod sleeve offering full rod protection?

    just another issue of being the runt of the litter eh gaz 😂
  12. Stuart Prescott

    2 rod sleeve offering full rod protection?

    unlucky rob that’s where the trakker 2 rod has it over the korum . 2 external bankstick pockets and an open pocket on the reverse with a strap and buckle for extra rod or brolly
  13. Stuart Prescott

    Fox banksticks wanted

    couldn’t see that model Steve ,
  14. Stuart Prescott

    Fox banksticks wanted

    wrong version mate , been trolling ebay , in fact that’s where the pics are from
  15. Stuart Prescott

    Fox banksticks wanted

    As it says on the tin , but specifically the model in the pics , looking for 36in versions
  16. Stuart Prescott

    Thermal waterproof trousers

    Greys grxi if you can find a pair . had mine for 5 yrs plus , warm and waterproof
  17. Stuart Prescott

    Fox stalking belt wanted

    Mick , if you don’t have any luck with a fox belt , take a look at the tfg version . I have one and it’s spacious and comfortable
  18. Stuart Prescott

    Large Fox System Box

    I'll take this andy if it hasn't gone