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  1. Lawrence Breakspear

    The Barbel Societies Barbel Show, supporting Anglers Against Cancer

    Not long now for a show, that's for all things Barbel.....
  2. Lawrence Breakspear

    The Barbel show

  3. Lawrence Breakspear

    The Barbel Show

  4. Lawrence Breakspear

    The Barbel Show

  5. Lawrence Breakspear

    Teme Study

    The 2018 Barbel Show in June, Cattie the river Teme PHD student who was sponsored by the Barbel Society, the EA and the Severn rivers trust gave an update of her study of barbel numbers in teme, and in conclusion she stated, that as the Teme as an SSI, her study has shown, there are no water...
  6. Lawrence Breakspear

    Predator Action Group fact sheet and CD

    I have just received The Predator Action Groups (PAG) fact sheet and CD courtesy of Tim Paisley, I advise all anglers who are concerned with regard to falling fish numbers on their waters, due to multiple predator kills, to purchase this document at your earliest opportunity, its an outstanding...
  7. Lawrence Breakspear

    John Bailey Barbel Society Ambassador

    The Barbel Society is pleased to announce that John Bailey, world renowned angler and author has become a Barbel Society Ambassador. Steve Pope said; “ We are really pleased that John has become an Ambassador, he brings great gravitas to our organisation and we look forward to the future at a...
  8. Lawrence Breakspear

    Powick weir

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that Powick Weir on the River Teme will not be destroyed and taken away, which which would have resulted in significant water depth reduction above the weir and unacceptable damage to the riverine environment, a compromise has now been now been suggested...
  9. Lawrence Breakspear

    Proposed Powick weir removal

    Please can you try and come to the Angling Trust Forum on the 28th April at Worcester Racecourse at 6.45pm to support us in our opposition against the lower river Temes Powick weir destruction and removal, this is being proposed by the EA and supported by the Severn Rivers Trust for all sorts...
  10. Lawrence Breakspear

    Barbel feminisation

  11. Lawrence Breakspear

    Bruce and Walker Hexagraphs

    I have 3 B&W Hexagraph Avons for sale, x2 11ft 1.25 tc's and a single 11ft 1.50 tc, they are mint as new condition and they all have the more desirable sliding collar, traditional reel fittings and what makes them really special is they all have intermediate whippings, as per B James MKIV's...
  12. Lawrence Breakspear

    Hand made Aerial/ Specialist Tackle

    I have a rare hand made 4.5'' narrow drum Aerial centre pin, this reel was made for me in the mid 90's by Specialist Tackle Romford, it really is a feat of Engineering and they are as rare as hens teeth, even the screws were hand cut, its had many double figure Barbel and still looks new, with...
  13. Lawrence Breakspear

    Fred Crouch Centrepins

    I have an unused Fred Crouch wide drum aerial, superb reel bought it for my son....I want £90 for it, can meet up somewhere to do the deal.:)
  14. Lawrence Breakspear

    North Western specialist rods

    A pair of (rare) North Western Carbon 12 ft 1.5 specialist rods, superb quality and condition Barbel rods, beta lights fitted, they dont make like this any more, £120 the pair, plus even rarer 11ft 1.25 smaller version of that rod....beautiful little rod for small rivers £65, all have cork...
  15. Lawrence Breakspear

    Korum lightweight Accessory chair

    Korum Lightweight Accessory chair for sale Brand new, used once, £35 +postage, or could meet up Birmingham area.
  16. Lawrence Breakspear

    a pair of Wychwood Rogues for sale

    I bought these for my son last year when he came over from the USA for a short stay, 1.75 tc 12ft, nice budget Barbel rods used 3 or 4 times, £60 the pair, plus postage.:)
  17. Lawrence Breakspear

    wanted Drennan rod

    Has any one out there in Barbel land got a Drennan 11ft 1.25tc super specialist rod they would like to sell, these rods were mid to late 90's early 2000 rods, I will pay good money for an immaculate example......
  18. Lawrence Breakspear

    Hexigraphs for sale

    A pair of the most desirable Barbel Rods, cane coloured Bruce and Walker Hexigraphs, 1Lb TC 11ft ( lovely sensitive rolling meat rod, designed by our very own Ray Walton) unused, pre reel screw winch model, the 2nd rod is exactly the same but the next size up at 1.25 Lb TC and has been used...
  19. Lawrence Breakspear

    Hexigraphs for sale

    I have a pair of superb Bruce and Walker Hexigraph 11' 1.5 TC rods for sale, these are the ultimate rods to own, these days they are £700 each. The ones on offer are immaculate condition and as new, and they are the more desired pre screw winch fittings rod with a full cork handle, they are...