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  1. Graham Tremble

    Ready-made boiling/ Paste wraps

    Hi Guys, Any recommendations for the above please, Regards, G.T.
  2. Graham Tremble

    Teme statician required

    HI Guys, Many years ago I caught a rather 'special' barbel from the river Teme. At 13-08 this was the fish of my dreams. That fish will always be 'special' to me but just how special was that fish? Would it feature in a Teme top 20 or even top 50. Just a thought, does anybody on this site keep...
  3. Graham Tremble

    The Best T.V. Fishing presenters

    Hi Guy's, I have noticed a few uncomplimentary comments concerning the current crop of T.V. presenters ( Danny Fairbrass and Matt Hayes to name but two ). Who do you rate and why? Regards, Graham.
  4. Graham Tremble

    Global Warming

    Hi Guy,s, To quote Jim Royle 'my ar*e'.:eek: I was never a believer my self....far too old to be taken in by a load of self appointed 'experts'. What do you think? Regards, G.T.
  5. Graham Tremble

    Record price of petrol/diesel

    Hi Guys, Will this have an impact on your fishing? Normally we just grin and bare it don't we chaps, but its getting silly now.£100 :eek:to fill up with diesel isn't far away,what then? Regards, Graham.
  6. Graham Tremble

    Thames chub at oxford

    Hi Guys, I've never fished the Thames before but intend to give it a go before the end of the season. Looking for any advice really but would appreciate; The best club book to buy, better venues to try my luck for bigger than average Chub, best tackle shop to visit for cards and...
  7. Graham Tremble

    Owner C-6BL Hooks ( size 10 )

    Hi Guys, Just started using these hooks that I bought on-line from bfw. Had one straighten on me yesterday after (what I would describe ) as only putting ' moderate' pressure on the tackle when I was snagged. Not complaining as I might just have been unlucky.... but I have binned the...
  8. Graham Tremble

    Warwichshire Avon Chub

    Hi Guys, I've been fishing the Warwickshire Avon for years now but have never caught a Chub over 5lbs. At what weight would you consider a 'specimen' W/A Chub to be? Regards, Graham.
  9. Graham Tremble

    Petrol costs

    Hi Guys, Will the ever spiralling costs of fuel dictate how far or how many trips you will make this season? 20 years ago I would sometimes clock up 200 miles a week travelling to and from the rivers Severn and Teme, I wouldn't contemplate that now. At that time I would share costs...