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  1. Mark Gaskell

    Red Letter Day`s....Everyone say`s..

    well in superb matey:)
  2. Mark Gaskell

    How to Avoid Losing Feeders ?

    snags colin its the name of the game on the ribble plastercine round your leads help but with feeders its luck on some swims but the advice you have been given will help,and cheaper option is make your own ,or shoplifting!:D
  3. Mark Gaskell

    Wanted - Shimano 3500b Baitrunner

    old tat them. pull the pin boom!
  4. Mark Gaskell

    Daiwa SS2600

    2600 clutch is v good and great if holding the rod ,drawback no baitrunner but its marmite
  5. Mark Gaskell

    Is it me? Is it real?

    tracks it will of been a wiganer without his clogs on!
  6. Mark Gaskell


    they eat them gay gala pies they don't count and participate in red sauce which is only for kids and fat yanks!
  7. Mark Gaskell


    not sure about that neil
  8. Mark Gaskell


    Ribble rabble them Neil were not?any info would be appreciated especially to avoid them snotties cheers
  9. Mark Gaskell


    Off fishing a few of the Birmingham waters in Sept probably the Avon temerity and maybe the Severn looking for a heads up on a few strechs please
  10. Mark Gaskell

    Coated Braid Hooklinks.

    good gear been using that for months stu think its very good does what it says
  11. Mark Gaskell

    float rod

    blackley tackle trader unbelievable!
  12. Mark Gaskell

    brolly or shelter

    spear quiver not seen one of those yet!
  13. Mark Gaskell

    brolly or shelter

    chunks podge foran could write a novel on brollies and shelters ,he has a fetish with them and lard!:D
  14. Mark Gaskell

    drennan power barbel

    not allowed out! you don't need a rod you need to start getting out first chubby!:D
  15. Mark Gaskell


    get in there very nice!
  16. Mark Gaskell

    Wanted.. Preston innovations Green inserts

    ? you can buy em from any good tackle shop only coppers.
  17. Mark Gaskell

    New old line

    strech your horizons tie one end to todger and tuther to a six ounce lead drop lead of tall building and see what gives first! wont help with the breaking strain but will give some a good laugh!:eek:
  18. Mark Gaskell

    harrison rod

    theere,thure,and yon? whos bart rod?:eek:
  19. Mark Gaskell

    winter rod

    ? carters don't stock em you have to wait for em to come in ,but from whats going around they wont be there much longer:(
  20. Mark Gaskell

    winter rod

    get the tunley !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!