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  1. Mark Gaskell


    Off fishing a few of the Birmingham waters in Sept probably the Avon temerity and maybe the Severn looking for a heads up on a few strechs please
  2. Mark Gaskell


    Unwanted korum accessory chair brand new still in wrapping,70 quid ono collection preferred.
  3. Mark Gaskell

    andy silwa dave mason

    as above for sale 80 quid collected or postage on top,only draw back some toe rags name on it{jerry Gleeson}:D,bought last year and never used.
  4. Mark Gaskell

    quiver tip

    looking for a 11ft quiver tip rod that will have 3oz and 4oz tips any ideas?
  5. Mark Gaskell

    well then!

    Five piece rod for sale ! ring oh no oh no and ask for mullet!:D
  6. Mark Gaskell

    2x shimano 5000xtea,s

    Only used once from new immaculate condition ,pair of 5000xtea,s preferably collection £ 200 cheers both in boxes cant find oil.
  7. Mark Gaskell


    What ? or is anything being done to curb the decline of our sport! ,ive not heard of anything being done to control the commorants and gooseanders,the decline on natural waters (not commercials) is dramatic in the area I fish,and the future looks bleak,do we need to take this into our own hands...
  8. Mark Gaskell

    aldi bag

    called in aldi today,noticed the crane bags are back in at a different price of 5.99 think its wrong s0 get them while you can:D
  9. Mark Gaskell

    weathers changed.

    The time is getting about right for the fair weather anglers to put there gear away,leaving the banks free for the rest of us ,whos putting there gear away and why?
  10. Mark Gaskell


    For sale wychwood 12ft 1.75, 2.00lb twin tip 5o quid collected or 60 delivered .
  11. Mark Gaskell

    Wychwood twin tips.

    For sale Wychwood twin tip rods ,first one is the 12ft 1.75 and 2.00 lb twin tip in very good condition, the second one is the 13ft 2.00 and 2.50 lb twin tip in very good condition also want 50 quid each for them ,collection only please,thanks! both rods are maximisers im based in manchester,thanks
  12. Mark Gaskell

    which would go?

    On my local river i would rather the commorants went first,then gooseanders then the otters, what would you get rid of first given the chance. Oh by the way my local river is the ribble.
  13. Mark Gaskell

    faulty returns

    Been returned as being damaged and now back up for sale,one Gaz Wagstaff!Not to be left on own with children ,due to having the tendancy to bite ,and within proxiemty of sharp objects as has been known to harm his self with his clumsiness! i am open to any sensible offer or swap as dont have the...
  14. Mark Gaskell

    whats been your most usefull purcase this year?

    mine has to be a spomb,makes it so easy to feed hemp at distance quickly and cleanly,what are your?
  15. Mark Gaskell

    what makes your ideal swim?

    Is it a snag ? a overhanging tree? etc etc
  16. Mark Gaskell


    are otters a problem?i think so and at the moment on the river i mainly fish they seem to be on the increase in your opinons what are the implications of this ,thanks.
  17. Mark Gaskell


    after the spawning has been completed will floods wipe the eggs out or will they hold no matter what within reason. or does the year class get lost?
  18. Mark Gaskell

    chaffing bad

    with being a rotund type of guy what cream for these summer months the old sudacrem doesnt touch the spot:eek:
  19. Mark Gaskell

    midgie spray

    anyone recommend one that works!
  20. Mark Gaskell

    im a northern cheapskate

    barring cost any disadvantages loose feeding trout pellets instead of halibuts?