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  1. Mark Mole

    Fish theft

    Are there any proactive people I can contact to report fish theft. Has anyone any experience of reports being followed up,or would I be wasting my time.
  2. Mark Mole

    Change of heart?

    Due to this unprecedented weather at the moment I've had a change of heart as regards the close season debate. For a long time now I've been all for scrapping the close altogether,but due to people's irresponsible actions in continuing to deliberately target barbel,I've changed my mind. I...
  3. Mark Mole

    Big snig

    Huge eel caught by design in this week's anglers mail. Well done Dean Aston. One of the hardest targets in angling I think.
  4. Mark Mole

    What compost

    Can anyone recommend a suitable compost for growing dendra's. I did a test sample with some I've had in the shed for a while,with a handful of worms,and they quickly perished. A trip to the garden centre is needed,but I've no idea what type or brand would be suitable.
  5. Mark Mole

    Unseasonable warmth

    13 degrees air temp,overcast skies,occasional drizzle.Admittedly cool water temps....but even still.Sat indoors watching the Mrs graft......Jesus was definitely a barbel chaser!!
  6. Mark Mole

    Chasing elusive river carp

    Is anyone on this site actively fishing for river carp from the warks Avon.Have had some success with smaller carp but not as yet anything special.Just wanted to know if anyone else is barmy enough to be pursuing that elusive river twenty.Regards Mark