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  1. Ian Grant

    So what has changed?

    I think Lawrence Breakspear hit the nail on the head ... ' Everything has changed ', but it's folly to believe that any one factor of this change is by far and away more responsible than any other in the damage being done to our rivers. Yes Otters are a problem, ... a massive problem in some...
  2. Ian Grant

    Strange Hookbaits....

    I the days when i used meat, any left over sausages always went in my bait bucket, I forgot my bait bucket once :rolleyes:, which had my hook baits in too, but i had 4 sausauge rolls in my sandwich box, so stripped the pastry off and used the sausage, it didn't take long to get a take ! 😁
  3. Ian Grant

    Merry Xmas to all BFWers

    A very merry Christmas to you too Graham, and to Andy and the team, and all on here, have a great day ..... Don't eat and drin..... Oh sod it go for it and bugger the hangover ! :p
  4. Ian Grant

    Record Barbel

    Well done to the Man, fantastic fish ! .............. The Photo ... I get the feeling he's not used to taking photos of big fish, he's probably a sort that just isn't into taking pictures of his catches... The church ? .... I doubt he would've given it a second thought, or even a first one ! I...
  5. Ian Grant

    Ronnie rigs for barbel?

    No Jon ! 😄 they do look a bit like them though, i wondered if someone would ask !
  6. Ian Grant

    Ronnie rigs for barbel?

    All i've ever used.... though years ago the hook length was mono, and the counter balance weight a swan shot not putty wrapped round a float stop.
  7. Ian Grant

    Sweetcorn for barbel?

    Cor ! this takes me back a bit ! .... The way i used to do it, but before i start i'll tell you Dave it's not very selective !!! A tin or two of the Jolly green ( cos it's the firmest ) size 8 or 6 hook, Knotless knot, Take a good length of line and burn a large bobble on the end and then pass...
  8. Ian Grant

    River Severn campsites

    It's not me Kevin, it's a friend, i think he's thinking of the Union Inn at Hampton Loade, but he's not going until September, so any suggestions are welcome, he moved to Cornwall some years back, and has had very little chance to get any Barbel fishing in, and fancied a week camping, and...
  9. Ian Grant

    New member introducing myself

    Welcome Richard
  10. Ian Grant

    River Severn campsites

    I'm asking for a friend who lives in Cornwall, and fancies a few days fishing the Severn in September, he plans on camping but hasn't any idea of campsites where decent Barbel fishing is close by .... Neither do i ! so i can't help him, but i thought you guys would bound to know of one or two ...
  11. Ian Grant

    Thames 50

    i saw a mink on the Thames last year too Dave !!! While i was Roach fishing i videoed it ... Excuse my French !
  12. Ian Grant


    They're just Barrel shaped boilies David, you can make them yourself, i use a Gardener rolling kit, so you roll a 10mm sausage then placeing the sausage on a 14 or 15 mm corrugated rolling block will produce 10 mm barrels, they will be slightly concave in shape ( actually the opposite of a true...
  13. Ian Grant


  14. Ian Grant


    Then it wouldn’t be the same brolly, it fits fine in my quiver because I’ve got quite a large one, if you’ve got a small quiver, you’re only ever going to get a small brolly in it, and I wouldn’t describe the Fox specialist as a small brolly, for its size I think it’s surprisingly light, it is...
  15. Ian Grant

    For those who ain't got them 😁

    Facebook tips ... or how I do it anyway.... only post things that you don’t mind the whole world seeing, same with your profile info about yourself, only visit groups you enjoy interacting with, set your privacy settings ( bearing in mind the above ) to the level of privacy you deem appropriate...
  16. Ian Grant

    For those who ain't got them 😁

    Much the same as any form of social media Stephen, if you want agro and argument, it's easy to find it's not difficult, i have no such problems with it, though i've seen it, i ignore it, if you put people together on social media, or in person who have differing views on whatever subject sooner...
  17. Ian Grant

    For those who ain't got them 😁

    That's more believable Jason !
  18. Ian Grant

    For those who ain't got them 😁

    I can see it ! I've only encountered Crays once whilst fishing on the Thames, well it must have only been one or they would have had my bait off, but when reeling in i could see the grooves it left in my boilie ( which i now boil really hard after encountering them on the Loddon ) I've never had...
  19. Ian Grant


    Mine’s a 45” but I don’t know where they measure it from ! It’s a lot bigger than that !
  20. Ian Grant

    Tethered Fish

    There are several ways in which a fish can be tethered, and no rig is 100% safe ! So called safety clips will only work if the lead itself has become jammed, with the fish able to pull directly to the rod tip, the lead ( in theory ) should then pull out of it's clip freeing the fish. If the line...