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  1. Ash Gould

    Value a rod please.

    The whole X range fell under this myth, so that included the carp and barbel rods. They were designed by Simeon Bond, had fuji fittings and looked like Freespirit blanks so people wrongly assumed they were the same.
  2. Ash Gould

    Value a rod please.

    Ive got the Carp rod version of these and although they 'look' like a Free Spirit blank they most certainly are not.
  3. Ash Gould

    Back into Barbel fishing - few Tackle Q's

    I bought the avon quiver 11ft pound and a qtr and I think its awful. Dissapointing curve to it when playing a fish, its a non action really, not progressive, not my cup of tea. And @Tim Harris have a look at the 11ft Harrisson Gti blank. Absolute delight. (Peregrine do an off the shelf...
  4. Ash Gould

    GO Outdoors

    The discount card works out great value for money if you have a local GoOutdoors. I have absolutely rinsed them over the years with their ‘price match plus 10% off’ deal. Sod knows why they do the price matching thing because they are never the cheapest on anything!
  5. Ash Gould

    Fortis SJ9 coat in camo

  6. Ash Gould

    looking for a new pair of reels for ipowers

    They are excellent reels, Andy. I have 3 x 4000d and love them. Excellent clutches. Use them for chubbing, barbelling and surface fishing for carp. Minor gripe is that the bail arms are abit flimsy. I always make sure nothing is resting on my reels when they are packed away so I havent had an...
  7. Ash Gould

    Jim Uftons new PB 18lb10oz

    Mega-mega. Well done to the captor. ✌
  8. Ash Gould

    Pellets for Barbel in Winter

    Chilli powder and boiling water are essential additions to pellets in winter, imo. Use a pellet and chilli powder based paste for hook wraps too. Feeder of pellet mush and a small paste wrapped hookbait is a magnet to most species. Ive fluked some nice roach and dace when doing this in the past.
  9. Ash Gould

    Record Barbel

    God awful picture. How can you catch a fish of such magnitude and get such a turd shot? That fish would have some serious proportions and the picture does it no justice whatsoever. I know its bad to knock such captures on the internet and Im not doing that really just knocking the rubbish...
  10. Ash Gould

    New Fishing Suit

    Ive been using an SJ9 which is mega warm, a long walk with tackle and this will be too much, but I hoody up for the walks and then bung this on once Im sat there. Its not waterproof so I have a big old army goretex to wear over the top if it rains. (@Andy Frances )...
  11. Ash Gould

    New Fishing Suit

    What about layering? Hoody, snugpak and army-goretex jacket (which has a massive hood). Aldi sallopettes or army goretex over trousers. Wait till you've finished walking till you put the snugpak on as they are mega warm, great for when you are sat there.
  12. Ash Gould

    Cold water barbelling

    Fish for chub or perch in ways that still catch a barbel; ie paste baits for chub or lobbies for perch. That way your actually fishing for species that you have a good chance of biting with the chance of getting a barbel if they are on the feed. It is hard when you are mega keen to hang the...
  13. Ash Gould

    Recommendations for a flood water rod.

  14. Ash Gould

    CLO (Sluis Equivalent)

    Haiths one is good, Andy
  15. Ash Gould

    HEADLAMPS the ultimate !

    Shame Alpkit stopped doing the Gamma head torch which was amazing. Ive still got mine but have had to tape the unit together as it is falling apart.
  16. Ash Gould

    Type of rig you use?

    10lb mainline straight through, quick change swivel, swivel bead, 3 float stops, size 8 pallatrax the Hook with hair whipped on.
  17. Ash Gould

    Big day in the Frances household

    Awesome, Andy. Proper proud Dad moment ✌ Well done, Dan.
  18. Ash Gould

    Specimen barbel size

    I can still remember when an 8lb barbel was a big specimen barbel on the Great Ouse! So 8lb specimen, 9lb big specimen, 10lb lovely big specimen, 11lb mega lovely big specimen and so on and so on (adding superlatives as you go up) :) :p 🤪✌ If you cant appreciate a big 8lb fish out of a river...