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    Sakura spinning rod

    I don't know that particular model, but I've waggled a couple of others (don't remember which) and would say they were much beefier feeling than the casting weight implies, so I would expect that one to have plenty of grunt.
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    Chub Rod Advice

    I really like my Drennan series 7 avon/ quiver 1.5 lb for chub, but I tend to fish small rivers so don't know if it would be any good for the Ribble. It's got a lovely through action that just keeps going, so plenty of grunt if needed.
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    River monitoring apps.

    Another vote for river levels. I really like the fact you can download the long term data, which shows the max and min levels of the monitoring station daily for the last 10 years or so, really useful if know the date of your previous trips or have a photo on your phone and want to check what...
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    Jim Uftons new PB 18lb10oz

    Brilliant, cracking photo as well!
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    Float Rod

    I like the Acolyte pluses, very light but plenty of power if needed.
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    Chub in the winter

    Got out for a bit of Chubbing on Monday, slow going but eventually got a nice one on trotted maggot..
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    Record Barbel

    All comes down to personal preference, really. I seldom, if ever, weigh any fish, but i might measure the length, as I'm basically a river trout fly angler. I just love getting out and catching, and if a decent one comes along, all the better, but I'm not bothered about pb's etc. If people want...
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    hooks again ! Korda Krank ?

    The only things that fall out are barbless.....sorry, I'll get my coat!! 😁😁
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    How long before moving swims on the wye?

    Love to join you, John, but too busy! In the few trips I've had to the Wye, I'd say give it an hour or so before moving, if you've had any knocks/liners, a bit longer. However, it's such a lovely river, that if I find a swim I really like, I might just stay there even if nothing is going on!
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    Mobile/lightweight brolly

    I got one a while back from go outdoors for about £20. Certainly a fishing brolly, but not too big or heavy to carry about.
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    14lb 12oz Wye Barbel

    Amazing! Look at the head on it!
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    RIP Bob Church

    Sad to hear, condolences to his family. I've still got one of his fly rods knocking about in the garage.
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    not looking good, in fact it looks terrible

    No, Devon, Exe catchment.
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    not looking good, in fact it looks terrible

    That may be so, but various waters I fish are afflicted by the dreaded "storm overflows" . After a spate the trees downstream look like christmas trees, only the decorations are sanitary products and those wretched "flushable" wipes. In low flows there is still some untreated discharge...
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    Sad News

    Thats a real shame, only been in once, but liked the atmosphere and found him very helpful. Best wishes to him and his family.
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    Naming stretches.

    Agree with that, Andy. I wouldn't have joined if I hadn't been able to see some of the content....oh, and the fact your online shop had some hooks I like😁
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    River tone anyone fished it?

    Jon, there is some good fishing on the Tone, lots of Grayling to a decent size, ditto Dace, Chub, Trout and the odd Roach. Various beats to choose from....Taunton fishing club, Taunton fly fishers, Wellington angling club, a few bits I've heard about through Farmers, ( haven't tried these, as...
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    What's your honest assessment?

    That could be it in a nutshell....have we got used to basically fishing in a hen house? Artfically high numbers of fish due to lack of natural predation and plenty of non natural food?
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    Trotting rod for Barbel

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys. Much appreciated.
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    What's your honest assessment?

    I think in most rivers the problem is the culmination of all of the things mentioned so far, and maybe the current proliferation of Otters is the straw that has broken the Camel's back. They've found themselves in rivers full of fish which arn't used to their predatory habits, and they're making...