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    I’m looking for some scales, not too expensive, preferably dial scales and accurate Any advice gratefully received What’s your thinking on buying second hand?
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    TFGear Classic Centre Pin with lineguard, bag and box - Sold subject to

    TFGear Classic Centre Pin with lineguard. In near new condition. Comes boxed and with reel bag £40 + postage - Sold subject to payment
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    Okuma Aventa VT1002 Centrepin with Okuma neoprene pouch - Sold

    Okuma VT1002 centrepin in very good condition. A couple of very small marks that I have included in the photos Comes with original Okuma neoprene pouch £60 + postage - Sold
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    Matrix Reflex Match 14’ - Sold

    Matrix Reflex Match 14’. With Bag. I’ve used this once, still has the plastic on the cork handle A very nice silvers float and trotting rod. Sold
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    2 x Shimano TX2 10' 2.75lb TC - Price Drop

    2 Shimano TX2 10' 2.75 TC in excellent condition, used a couple of times. Come with bags. Price drop to £50 the pair + postage or I can meet you in North London or near or Verulam Angling Club waters
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    BFW I-Power x 2 with full duplon handle - Sold

    2 BFW I-Power Barbel Rods, twin tips 1.75 and 2lb test curves. Full Duplon handles. With ISO blobs. No bags. The banks are in very good condition, the handles are a bit worn, ISO blobs working well. The photos show the condition, happy to send some more. Sold.
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    Shimano Technium Specimen Match 450 15' - price drop

    Shimano Technium Specimen Match 450 15' Float Rod. Excellent Extra Power Barbel Trotting Rod. Its in excellent condition, barely used, with the plastic still on the cork part of the handle. It comes with its own Shimano tube Price drop to £80 + postage or can meet a reasonable distance from...
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    Daiwa Spectron XP 14' Waggler SPM 14 XP - Sold

    14' Daiwa Spectron XP in very good condition. Excellent Barbel trotting rod. £100 + postage - Sold I can meet within a reasonable distance from Crouch End North London or Verulam AC Waters
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    Day ticket tench Marlborough/Swindon area

    Hi I’m looking for a day ticket water for a bit of tench fishing next week in the Marlborough/Swindon area. I was thinking of renewing my Amalgamated ticket but I don’t remember there bring much in the way of tench fishing in their still waters Any recommendations gratefully received
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    Wye next couple of weeks

    I’m hopefully getting a couple of days off before the end of the season for a short trip to the Wye. Can anyone recommend a couple of stretches where I’d have a better chance of catching a barbel, please? I don’t mind paying a bit extra for a WUF day ticket Thanks for any help
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    Carryall recommendations

    My carryall is falling apart so I’m in need of a new one Any recommendations for a medium sized one? Thanks in advance
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    Plastic rod tubes

    Anyone know where to get the tubing and caps that rods get sent by the shops in? I cant find anything online in the usual DIY shops
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    3 rod holdall

    Hi I'm on the lookout for a new rod holdall. I'm not that worried about carrying my rods made up, I already have a two rod Drennan specialist rod holdall for that, I'm after something that will protect three rods in their bags or have enough space for three rods in tubes, with pockets for bank...
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    Wye accommodation next week or week after

    Hi I'm looking to go to the Wye for a 3 night break next week or week after. Id preferably like to stay somewhere self-catering with access to fishing but thats not essential. I'm already looking at the Wye accommodation on the site, any other help gratefully received.
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    Matrix Reflex 14'

    Great Silvers and trotting rod in excellent condition, plastic still on cork handle £40 + postage or can meet up at VAC waters or North London/South Herts
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    Drennan Floatmaster 13/15 combo

    Very good standard float rod at 13', very good trotting road at 15'. Great all round float rod In very good condition, with bag £80 + postage Can meet at VAC waters or North London/South Herts
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    Daiwa SS2600

    I have 2 for sale 1 has been spooled with line but never seen the bank. Light paintloss to the spool, I’ve pictured it - £75 + postage 1 has been used twice and has some very light marking and paint loss- £70 + postage Both come in boxes with original paperwork Can meet Verulam AC waters...
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    Drennan Tench Floats x 2 for sale

    2 for sale 1 Mark III in very good condition with bag and triangular Drennan tube - £80 + postage 1 Mark IV in good condition, it has some varnish just above the handle where the previous owner whipped on an extra ring for trotting that I removed - £50 + postage I can meet Verulam AC waters...
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    15 foot trotting rod

    I know we get one of these every year but I'm looking to get a 15' rod for trotting for Barbel and I was wondering if anyone had any experience of any newer rods to add to the usual list?
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    Daiwa Harrier Autobail 1657DM Reel with spare spool x 2

    Daiwa Harrier Autobail 1657DM Reel with spare spool x 2 £40 each + postage at cost or can meet In very good condition Can supply photos Labelled the 'Finger Dab' the 1657DM was the first design to offer a manual closure on an automatic bail. Brilliant for river float fishing and...