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    Feeling the strain....Barrows

    Depends how much you are taking. I have 3 different wheeled vehicles. One is a match trolley to take a seatbox and carryall, one is a carporter barrow with rear wheels and one is an ordinary folding fishing trolley which has proved fairly robust and takes chair, rucksack and big bait bag . Its...
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    Aldi Fishing Gear

    I often seem to sit in a puddle with my under trousers a bit damp - I suppose its an age thing!
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    Strange Hookbaits....

    My (limited) understanding of fish behaviour is, like babies, they will try anything in their mouth to see if it is edible or not. Therefore anything could be a potential bait. I think Rod Hutchinson used black jelliebabies to mimic frog spawn. My first fish on the Royalty was taken on a bare...
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    Muckboot arctic sport

    I have a pair of Baffin Trappers which I got half price and wear in cold weather. They are the warmest I have used. I wear them with merino wool socks and / or heat holder socks. I bought a size 12 for my size 10 feet so I can also wear a pair of thick Bama Sokkets which wick away the sweat. I...
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    Sorted now 👍

    Try Dale Surrey 07486 103241
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    Trouble is everything involves weight either pulling or pushing. I met a guy years ago on the Kennet who had a triple heart by-pass and used a small electric powered fishing trolley. Although expensive this might be an option to be considered. You might be able to pick one up second hand or...
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    New Chair

    Suggest you get a new arse!
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    New Chair

    One advantage with the Fox Duralight is that it has arms - the older I become the more I need arms to push myself up from a chair!
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    length of hooklengths?

    On a number of rivers I have used a 4 inch hooklength to a method feeder. I often feel a problem is barbell spooking off almost vertical line near the hookbait but I fish the method without a backlead with some success. However if I was to use a shorter hooklength I would normally use a...
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    I remember a day in the pipe swim on the Royalty years ago. Barbel were caught in the morning but bites dried up in the afternoon. As we fed maggots shoals of chub and roach greedily devoured them on the drop but a single maggot on a hook was totally ignored (because they could tell the...
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    Bait additive.

    I'd put it on a piece of chicken!
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    It's Spawning Time

    Frogs spawning in the garden pond today so it must be spring and getting warmer but I imagine barbel will wait for at least another couple of months!
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    Preston Carbonactive 12.9 heavy Float rod

    I have used 10lb straight through on the basic 13ft Asaki Carbonactive blank with a 2ft extension to 15ft trotting for barbel to 9lb on the fast flowing Wye with no probs - it don't half bend!!
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    Original Fox Rods, What was in the range?

    Also in the green 12 9 Barbel Float 13 Barbel Float See Ebay currently for 1.5 Barbel and 12 9 Barbel Float
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    Original Fox Rods, What was in the range?

    0.75lb Avon / Quiver
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    I don't doubt Grahams experience of perch taking livebaits head first. I think sometimes we argue because our experiences are different and we think our experience is the norm when others think their different experience is the norm! One of the addictive, frustrating and interesting aspects of...
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    Another thought maybe worth a try: because perch can be inclined to attack their prey from behind some anglers prefer to hook their livebaits in the root of the tail.
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    new fishing jacket

    You sure its the rain!
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    new fishing jacket

    The zip went on my jacket which was still good. So I took it into a backstreet tailors who put a new zip in for £12