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  1. Paul Hamer

    Angling Trust

    Been a member of AT for 2yrs, just got my renewal through, cant honestly see what benefit is in rejoining. Whats peoples thoughts on this controversial topic.
  2. Paul Hamer

    Homepage stunner

    Cracking barbel Mike, well done mate;)
  3. Paul Hamer

    Floating reel line for the pin

    hi lads, what line are you using for trotting with the pin and what bs with barbel the main target. Cheers;)
  4. Paul Hamer

    Merry Christmas

    All the very best to all BFWers, hope you all have a brilliant time and get the chance to get out on the banks;)
  5. Paul Hamer

    Fox horizon pod adaptor

    Anyone know where I can pick one of these up from, its to convert the rear legs into a single leg. Cheers Paul
  6. Paul Hamer

    Hook sharpener

    I dont use one and never have done even when I did a lot of carp fishing, does anyone use one in barbel fishing or do you just change the hook when getting blunt. I always check my hook before every cast and change if needed. Can you get the hook has sharp has when come out of packet and if so...
  7. Paul Hamer

    Christmas wish list

    Whats your wish list for christmas (fishing tackle!) mine is hopefully two new baitrunners- a torrix flood rod- new flask- and a new river chair. The first two I will be buying myself:(
  8. Paul Hamer

    Mellins wood

    To all who fish alone Appeal after fisherman is robbed in Preston - Lancashire Constabulary
  9. Paul Hamer

    J W Young Purist II

    4" x 1" Y2031 Serial no. S/R 755. Boxed and green reel case. Used once! excellent condition as you would expect. £170 delivered. Pics if needed.
  10. Paul Hamer

    Home page pic

    Well done Jerry;) very nice fish.
  11. Paul Hamer

    Rising river

    Hi all, Just interested in other peoples experiences in a rising river, catch wise;) I always seem to struggle, is this the norm:confused:
  12. Paul Hamer

    Home page pic

    Nice fish Dean, well done on the brace of doubles;)
  13. Paul Hamer

    Home page cracker

    Nice first barbel young Mr Wagstaff;) You can show your grandad how to do it soon mate:D
  14. Paul Hamer


    Just after some advice please. Is it legal to trap mink?, do you need to get permission? There is a few mink on a river outside work and we are sure the fish levels have gone down.
  15. Paul Hamer


    Hi lads, does anyone use leadcore has an abrasive leader? How long would you make the leader?
  16. Paul Hamer

    Home page 100th

    Well done Luke on your 100th Barbel of the season:eek:, excellent angling. Nice pic mate