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    Ronnie rigs for barbel?

    I think that it is not necessarily a fancy rig that makes the difference but maybe a completely different bait or different presentation that can have the most impact. I will give an example of a water with a large head of barbel, heavily fished but not renown for being a difficult water...
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    Diawa powermesh Avon. Mark 1

    Nice to meet you too Richard. Very happy with the rods - you certainly look after your gear, they were all in pristine condition.
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    Wanted - Korum Precision Power Float 13ft 4-piece rod

    If you have one of these which you are prepared to part with I am very interested and may be able to collect. If you can help please message me or phone me on 07967 802334. Neil
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    HEADLAMPS the ultimate !

    I have ordered one of the torches that Gerry has recommended using the eBay link. I have been using Energizer head torches, which are cheap as chips, for many years. They do have a red light option but you have to click through 4 white light options first (shame they didn't put red first). I...
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    Diawa powermesh Avon. Mark 1

    I have sent you a PM/conversation about collecting and paying. Cheers
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    Diawa powermesh Avon. Mark 1

    Richard If the Powermesh is still available I will have it. Neil
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    Wanted - BFW iPower rod

    I'm looking for a BFW iPower rod. Prepared to pay the going rate for a decent rod. Neil
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    Fishing Books

    I have 3 hardback books with dust covers for sale. All in as new/excellent condition, Search for Big Chub - Tony Miles - £14.00 (small tear plus marks on dust cover). Barbel A Lifetime's Addiction - Trefor West - £14.00 A Kettle of Fish - Dr Terry Baxter and Friends -£20.00 - a Limited...
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    Barbel Seeker advice please

    Great rod at a bargain price. I have the 11ft version and really like it. I have only ever seen the Stepped Up 1.75lb TC version - is there a lighter version? Neil
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    After a few fruitless trips to Old Bury Hill I decided to commit and buy a permit which allows fishing after dark. Conditions were perfect yesterday and after dark I caught 4 zander to approx 5lb and a sprat loving bream of about 4lb. 2 of the zander came on a light running ledger and 2 on a...
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    Chris Lythe centrepin Reel

    You have a message. Neil
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    Float Rod Problem

    Success- Mr Sheen comes to the rescue. Had a short session this afternoon/evening and no problem with the line sticking. It wasn't raining today but I dipped the rod in the water and it wasn't a problem. Also caught a barbel on float fished hemp which gave me a chance to see how the rod performs...
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    Elliptical Pellets

    I was very disappointed when Hinders ellips changed shape - I preferred the way 2 of the old style elips glued together on a hair - but in all honesty the barbel don't seem to care e.g. 31 barbel in 2 days on Wye earlier this month . I bought some of the Sonubait eliptical pellets but...
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    Float Rod Problem

    Hi Mike. Sorry if what I said sounded a bit spikey - it wasn't intended as a criticism. After my last session on a drizzly day I was really frustrated and was all ready to ring around for quotes for a new set of rod rings and then I thought let me see if there is another (cheaper) way to sort...
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    Graham Phillips Barbel Trotter 12 foot

    I have decided to let the ebay auction run. Feel free to bid . Neil
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    Graham Phillips Barbel Trotter 12 foot

    The rod is in very good condition. It is listed on eBay and you can see photos on https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273476500926 £70 collected or will post via UPS Today for around £10. Neil (Turnpike Lane) 07967 802334
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    Float Rod Problem

    Hi Mike, the reason I asked this question is that Keith Speer recommended this rod and didn't say "Great rod but you need to put a new set of rings on it". Sadly Keith is no longer around to ask but I have seen video footage of him on the Avon at Britford using the rod and catching loads of...
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    Float Rod Problem

    I'm a little confused now. Some people seem to be talking about cleaning the rod and then finishing it with silicone furniture polish and some people seem to be talking about treating the line to stop it sticking. Should I do both? Neil
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    Float Rod Problem

    I had an idea that I had read about some spray on solution to this problem in th 70's/80's but when I searched the internet - nothing! I will give it a try and let you know. Thanks Neil