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  1. J

    National team funding

  2. J

    Drennan distance tench and bream mk2 2lb

    I have 2 for sale in near new condition with bags, I also have the same rod in prototype. It is exactly the same without graphics and has an extra carbon wrap on the blank, all eyes and spacings are the same. I would like to sell all together if your interested I can send over photo's of the...
  3. J

    Cadence #4 feeder 13ft 8"

    Interesting new rod out from cadence, I'm going to borrow one for while and possibly buy one or two. Could be an excellent long distance tench and bream rod for stillwaters.
  4. J

    Purists look away

  5. J

    drennan super specialist

    never really used them but bought some in 12, 14 and 16 for float fishing pellets with bands...are they any good or am I wasting my time and should get something else?
  6. J

    not looking good, in fact it looks terrible

    This country and they way it is run is terrible, it seems politically there is no will power to address environmental issues in this country unless it makes money...but slowly we are going down the pan. We used to talk about being proud to be British and I used to think that was because we did...
  7. J


    I have the above for sale, willing to split or sell as job lot at sensible prices. they are in vgc..I can supply single drennan hard or soft cases to go with them. I very much prefer collection or I can deliver within reasonable distance. oxford area
  8. J


    Just walked a local bit of the Thames and I'm almost sure I've seen barbel spawning...
  9. J

    Angling trust

    Each to there own whether they join or not and sometimes I wonder why I do every year. But funding like this aimed at very concerning issues requires our backing by all anglers by becoming members...
  10. J

    canoe problems

    if you have problems with canoes on your river worth listening to Geoff Maynard who runs a fishery on the wye. the link is to fishing magic and there's a radio interview with him. https://www.fishingmagic.com/forums/general-fishing/363934-rivers-canoe-problems.html
  11. J

    korum, quiver, rucksack, net bag, chub unhooking mat

    I have this listed on ebay with no interest yet, its pick up only and the auction will run...if no takers they will end up in the bin as I have no space left. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173417399980?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  12. J

    dodgy things happening connecting to bfw?

    last few days when I click to open bfw strange things are happening, trying to open other multiple pages, happened on work pc, phone and tablet. no other sites doing it...just happened again this morning.
  13. J

    Quick drag reels vs bait runner

    I've always used bait runners and I've been totally happy with them. This year I thought I would treat myself to some new reels and I was unsure whether to buy normal reels without a bait runner. After a lot of research on the web and speaking to carp anglers I decided to bite the bullet and buy...
  14. J

    call me stupid

    wasn't there a thread on here yesterday about a lightweight reel?
  15. J

    Plastic in rivers

    Something else we don't want http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-43363545
  16. J

    something to sign

    https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/southern-water-abstraction-of-rivers-test-and-itchen its battles like this angling cannot afford to loose.......thing is there is so much of this going on that we have little idea is going on. and there is still the first one if you haven't already signed...
  17. J

    greys prodigy txl barbel 2lb

    looking at a new rod that wont break the bank with push in tips. I've had the xflites since they first came out and while they are ok they're a bit heavy in the hand and plus ive now bust 2 of the push in tips. I'm looking at the txl and wondered if anyone has one and what they reckon to it...
  18. J

    New Cherwell record

    I had the pleasure of bumping into Kenny not long after he caught it and to say he was chuffed is an understatement, first running water barbel and what a stunner...15lb 9 oz and looks ever bit of it. In this weeks angling times
  19. J

    winter photos

    would be good to see this thread going again through winter https://barbel.co.uk/site/vbulletin/forum/barbel-talk/2529-winter-scenic-photo-competition.html I've never uploaded photos to this site...can it be done direct from pc or does it have to be through 3rd party hosting?
  20. J

    wader repair

    well my new feature finding chest waders sprung a leak last night and my right foot was full of water. only bought them last week off ebay from fishing mad and they were the bison heavy duty ones. a friend recommended them to me and to be honest very impressed for the money barring the leak...