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  1. Mark Walker

    So what has changed?

    Just read through this whole thread with a lot of sadness. I left the UK in 2009 after 6 happy years fishing the Avon, Stour and Kennet with odd trips elsewhere. One season I caught barbel from 6 different rivers. I miss it constantly, sitting on a summer evening watching the sunset and nature...
  2. Mark Walker

    Photos of river scenes

    South Platte River in Deckers, Colorado. Trout were rising to very small dry flies
  3. Mark Walker

    Photos of river scenes

    Bogachiel River, Forks Washington. Home of the Twighlight movies and big steelhead.
  4. Mark Walker

    Pete Reading Breaks Hants Avon Barbel record!

    Well done Pete. An amazing fish and well deserved.
  5. Mark Walker

    Photos of river scenes

    South Platte river, Cheeseman Canyon Colorado.
  6. Mark Walker

    Trotting on the warks Avon? Day tickets?

    Stratford Lido brings back some memories. I had been hammering Santa for my first pole as a kid and when I got it my buddy took me to the Lido. I was determined to use my new pole and set it up at 6 metres trotting a float and feeding maggots. Caught a bunch of chub on what was probably not how...
  7. Mark Walker

    Have you ever forgotten ..........

    In my teens I woke one morning at 3:00 for some tench fishing. Strapped all my rods and net handles to the bike, threw my Shakespeare seat box on my back and pedalled to the lake. Got there and realized I had forgotten my reel. Long ride home and back again and missed the dawn hour. Forgot my...
  8. Mark Walker

    RIP John Wilson

    I loved watching John fish around the world but it was hard to beat the UK coarse fishing films. I also own three of his books, 50 years a fisherman, a fishing year, and catch tench. An angler whose techniques I never copied unIike many others which I did. No real reason why, he just seemed...
  9. Mark Walker

    Photos of river scenes

    Skeena River British Colombia
  10. Mark Walker

    Congratulations to Paul4 Whiteing!!

    Congrats Paul, massive barbel, well done.
  11. Mark Walker

    Your favourite Barbel fisheries.

    Haven't fished for barbel in ten years but here are my favourites 1. Severals- beat me up for three years but such a beautiful fishery where my first Avon barbel and my best ever catch of barbel came from 2. River Kennet Lower Benyons - the most prolific fishery I fished but the resident...
  12. Mark Walker

    Home Page Picture

    Congrats John, great fish for a great guy. Glad to see you still catching and the Avon still throwing up a beauty like that. All the best
  13. Mark Walker

    Underwater GoPro

    I have the same one as John, not cheap but really great picture quality up to 4K resolution,. I used it on my trip to Canada out in the rain all day and worked great. Use it more now on my bike-works great there too.
  14. Mark Walker

    Bait and wait ?

    My best ever catch came applying bait and wait but not a mass baiting of particles. I threw a pound or so of boilies into a swim on Wednesday night. Came back on the Friday and could see a couple of fish in the swim. I spent the next three hours throwing in just 6 or so boilies every half an...
  15. Mark Walker

    Tony Miles

    Just hearing of this as i don't check in very often. RIP Tony, we met only once very briefly but through your books and articles I learn't a huge amount and reread many of them frequently. You will be sadly missed. Condolences to the family Mark
  16. Mark Walker

    Curse of the 'guest ticket'

    Been on both sides of this with my buddy Chris Netto. I Went with him twice to a stretch of river he fished. He never caught a barbel there, I caught three, two were doubles including a new PB. He came down to the Stour with me one day, I fell in, he caught his first river carp, only 19lbs...
  17. Mark Walker

    With a few months left to go.....how has your season been so far ?

    Trout I too have moved away from the UK this year so no Barbel fishing although still read the site three or four times a week??? I decided to try the trout streams here in Missouri with the fly rod a completely new experience for me. Took a while to get the hang of it but a day in August...
  18. Mark Walker

    Welcome to the NEW BFW forums

    Thanks team for the invite to the new site. Excited to see what happens. tight lines all for the remainder of the season.