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  1. Paul Hamer

    A change in forum software is ... here... UPDATE

    Looking very nice, well done lads, excellent:)
  2. Paul Hamer

    Well its only ( days and here again

    All the best John and to everyone involved with BFW
  3. Paul Hamer

    Red Letter Day`s....Everyone say`s..

    Bloodyhell!! Get in there mate, cracking session, nice one;)
  4. Paul Hamer

    John Cook

    Condolenses to the family, RIP John
  5. Paul Hamer

    Gloves for fishing

    Hi mate, never found it an issue Derek, saying that Im not casting in every 10mins in winter, I'll leave it out more than 2hrs sometimes;)
  6. Paul Hamer

    Gloves for fishing

    I know you've said gloves Dave but I suffer from Raynauds phenomenon so have cold hands nearly all the time. I have two of the peacock hand warmers, one in each pocket and they are brilliant. But if you are holding a fishing rod trotting they wont be any good.
  7. Paul Hamer

    Best time for catching...

    Has said earlier, will feed anytime in flood conditions, but I do most of my sessions after work so obviously at this time of year its dark when I get there and catch fairly consistently. Saying that I cant vouch for early morning/sunrise because I never fish them. The more important thing is...
  8. Paul Hamer

    home page picture

    Cracking fish, well done Jerry on your pb
  9. Paul Hamer

    Feeder mesh

    Iain, you will be better off pm ing Ste, he's the one I get the stuff off, dont know what drugs he's on at the moment tho;)
  10. Paul Hamer

    Fox Duo Horizon 3 Rod Pod

    Cheers Jamie
  11. Paul Hamer


    Choose a couple of baits that your confident in Ian then concentrate on location, thats the one thing that will catch you more. If the fish are there in front of you they will take anything within reason;)
  12. Paul Hamer

    St George.

    Happy St Georges day lads
  13. Paul Hamer

    brolly or shelter

    I have both Paddy but use my brolly mostly due to the uneven banks, ask Steve Foran, he's a specialist in this field;):D
  14. Paul Hamer

    Fishing licence renewal online

    If you have the email on your phone Neil theres no need to even print the receipt, like you said "what is the problem here"
  15. Paul Hamer

    Fishing licence renewal online

    Just done mine, no problems, sorry Graham;)
  16. Paul Hamer

    Best isotopes anybody?

    Ok laying flat on the rod if its not bent over but as soon has its bent with the flow you can struggle seeing it, solar for me every time on the stick up adaptors;) never had any problems with tangling neither;)
  17. Paul Hamer


    Cracking fish, well done and good photo;) nice one.
  18. Paul Hamer

    harrison rod

    theere, thuure and yon!
  19. Paul Hamer

    harrison rod

    Wan dunt no no wan whos bart wod direct;):D Cheers for brews today mate, nice to meet your nephew, seems a sound lad. Marks chuffed with the suit;)
  20. Paul Hamer


    What you doing with that owd cr*p Derek:eek: