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  1. George Maltby

    Night Floats

    After missing a take perch fishing this evening as I couldn't see my float anymore and had (as always) forgotten to throw some more starlights in the bag I thought to myself 'there has got to be a better way'. So, aside from attaching a £7 isotope to the float, does anyone have any decent tips...
  2. George Maltby

    Talk to me about float rods

    Hi All, I have always been a fan of trotting with the pins and have been using an old 13ft Abu power match rod for years (rated 2-8lbs I believe). While I have to say it has been a brilliant servant, a real do anything type of rod that never feels too light or heavy in action from targeting...
  3. George Maltby

    Christchurch or Ringwood AA

    Hi guys, Potentially moving to christchurch for a new job in a couple of weeks...which isnt awfull! My question is, which one of the two would you join if you were only joining one? I like to fish for barbel, roach and perch primarily. I am also a keen sea angler and have heard christchurch...
  4. George Maltby

    Perch Commercials Bath

    Hi guys, Since my little stretch of river near frome has been completely done by the furry darlings and our friends from the other side of the channel. I am now looking for a replacement perch water, and seeings as all of the BA and tribs seem to have the same issues discussed earlier, i think...
  5. George Maltby

    Otter Fencing

    Hi Chaps, I have recently been given permission to stock a small lake near my house with some tench. However there is an otter in the area. The lake is only going to be fished by myself and three friends from the pub so we cannot spend thousands. I am thinking parallel electric lines but...
  6. George Maltby

    Drennan Series 7 Avon Quiver

    Hi chaps, After an unsuccessfully search for a second fox duo lite Avon to make a pair I managed to find a good deal on a pair of the above in 11ft 1.25lb TC for my light Stillwater ledger outfit. Specifically for perch tench and roach at short to medium range with bobbins/alarms. Also...
  7. George Maltby

    Kennet & Avon around Bath

    Hi Guys, I have recently returned from 5 years down under and have brought my ultra light bream (or 'brim' if you believe them) fishing kit back with me. I am looking to do a bit of drop shotting for perch in the canal around Bath but am unsure which stretch (if any) is most likely to put me in...
  8. George Maltby

    TMC bite alarms?

    Any thoughts or experiences? They are all over the internet at the moment and i am after a cheap set as i rarely ever use them. Also looking at the wychwood signatures. If anyone can put in their 2 pence it would be most appreciated.
  9. George Maltby

    wanted: fox duo lite avon

    Bit of a long shot as they stopped producing them a while ago but i have one and love it...would love another for perch and roach with alarms but cant seem to find one anywhere. This is the 1lb TC avon model with 0.75lb TC quiver section. Not the lighter specialist version. Please help!
  10. George Maltby

    WANTED Korum neoteric twin tip

    It will have a lovely warm new home downunder, hopefully getting stuck in to some ozzy carp. cash waiting (price dependant on condition)
  11. George Maltby

    lovely day on the wye.

    and christened the 'new' speedia. river was really pushing through after the rain, still rising with loads of crud unfortunately but at a steady 10 degrees C all day. 4 barbel and a handfull of chub, all fish came late afternoon. no size, biggest pictured at just under 6 but still lovely fishing...
  12. George Maltby

    River wye piking

    River wye piking advice. Got a mate coming up from cornwall soon who wants to get in on some good pike fishing, i initially thought chew might be my destination. but i prefer flowing water and was wondering which beat of the wye is a nice pike fishery. I am not necessarily interested in...
  13. George Maltby

    Line for Wallis Casting

    Hi Guys, I have just learnt how to wallis cast in the garden, I cannot believe how effective it is, and how easy it is to be accurate consistantly, knocks spots of a fixedspool at short range...however the line i am using isn't very good for it. Was wondering what lines you guys recommend...
  14. George Maltby

    wanted, speedia wide drum deluxe

    reel now sourced off the bay...cheers.
  15. George Maltby


    'tis the season chaps, here's the best of a 7 fish haul yesterday (don't know why i am pulling such a stupid face), not a monster at 2 1/2 -3lbs but there are bigger fish in residence, lost a 6lber the day before...nightmare. Solid muscle scrappers. <a...
  16. George Maltby

    wanted, spare spool for shimano exage 4000FB (front drag)

    As title, any one got one they don't want.
  17. George Maltby

    Wanted, korum neoteric quiver

    must be good condition, with all quiver tips!
  18. George Maltby

    Ultima powercarp fluoro cated mono

    any one used this? and how have they found it?
  19. George Maltby

    Sea Bass

    Nearly that time of year again guys, My waders are patched, braid is replaced, reels cleaned, new lures bought....bank account emptied. Just a few more weeks and it will all be worthwhile! For all those bass enthusiasts I hope to see a stream of that most photagenic of fish (and fishing) on...
  20. George Maltby

    wanted: Shimano DL 4000 FA

    As title, must be in very good condition including spare spool. May consider a ST 4000 FA but it would have to be a bargain.