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    Catch Cult 13 has gone to print!

    A great read again!
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    RIP John Wilson

    Sad news indeed.
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    Elliptical Pellets

    As they did for me!
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    New Member

    Welcome Danny lots of good stuff on here!
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    3-2-1 in Hampshire. Salmon.

    Well done!
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    Lost my mojo

    Stunning fish Paul!
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    Rob Young Hampshire Avon barbel article.

    A great article, well done Rob. Entire magazine is, again, a great read thanks to all contributors and the production team!
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    Itchen Pollution Appeal.

    |Of course it will Iain we need to let the authorities etc we are here and taking notice!
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    Catch cult 3

    Another great magazine. A big thank you to everyone involved!
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    Update on my 55 yr old PB !!!!!!!!!

    Fantastic and shows what fishing is all about!
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    Spring is sprung

    Nice to see Paul
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    Tony Miles

    Very sad news.
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    Spam spam and more spam

    What can I add to the above!
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    Three questions.

    a, 2 eight plus Tench b, Not fishing the River Wye enough when I had the opportunity c, To spend more time exploring a different venue (same river though) Andy
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    New Severn record

    A stunning fish
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    New Dove Record

    Great fish Well done Jim
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    Severn Record?

    Amazing, Well Done Kev
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    Best scales

    Have found the Korum digitals to be useless. Accuracy is non existent with known fish ( albeit big Carp)weighing on average 2lbs under true weight's . Rueben Heaton dial seem to be the only way forward, now that Avons are no longer available but are not very practical for river sessions. Andy
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    cc moore meteor

    Shame its been dropped I have certainally caught my fair share of barbel as well as carp and tench on it over the years, still I have 5 kilos of base mix and liquid to match to cover me for a while! Andy
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    Birthday PB

    Great Birthday Present Andy