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  1. Mark Mole

    Jim Uftons new PB 18lb10oz

    Well done Jim. Amazing fish that.
  2. Mark Mole

    River pike

    Yet another big beautiful pike to the maestro 😉 Well done again mate.
  3. Mark Mole


    Simply the best angling writer of them all. Read all his books several times,they never get tiresome. The next best thing to actually going fishing,along with just playing with your tackle in the garden :p
  4. Mark Mole

    Waterway Wanderers

    Hi Graham The likely hood of a non club controlled stretch or otherwise being bailiffed....well you've got more chance of us leaving the European Union.
  5. Mark Mole

    River Carp, breeding.

    They sure do Matthew. I've watched it happen on more than one occasion.
  6. Mark Mole

    Warwickshire Avon barbel

    Good to see all those pellets and boilies not going to waste. With that stretch being intensely fished the roach are obviously making hay. Early season was always good for roach,tench and carp too. What's the numbers of big barbel now looking like on that stretch Dave?
  7. Mark Mole

    Whats best recent bit of tackle you have bought ?

    No such thing in fishing as 'cheating' because guess what, it's not a competition! Now obviously in a match fishing scenario there needs to be a level playing field but in the specimen or pleasure fishing world who cares. The deeper is not my thing but if you want to use one fine. It's only a...
  8. Mark Mole

    Aldi fishing gear ...

    Christ!!.... have you ever boxed Colin ?
  9. Mark Mole

    Feeding on a flooded/rising river.

    Fished yesterday evening in the wind and rain for four lovely big snotties. The two other anglers just upstream of me both had a 9lb+ barbel each on huge pieces of meat.....I went home with my tail between my legs.
  10. Mark Mole

    Knotless knot and scalded pellets

    Howard,don't use fluorocarbon for specimen barbel. It let me down on both a very big barbel and river carp some years ago. Coated braid stripped back has never ever failed.
  11. Mark Mole

    What's your honest assessment?

    Just takes longer on bigger rivers....the annihilation that is.
  12. Mark Mole

    What's your honest assessment?

    If you buy one of those,I'm coming round your house with my helmet:p
  13. Mark Mole

    What's your honest assessment?

    Hi Julian I think the reason you haven't seen one (otter) is because it's already too late. When the easy pickings have dwindled they move on.
  14. Mark Mole

    And just when you think you've seen it all !!!.............

    Exactly Jason. Just a few anglers could quickly empty a section of river or canal totally legally according to that outdated law.
  15. Mark Mole

    EA Close Season Consultation

    What was the outcome for said individual?
  16. Mark Mole


    Which river was this Graham?
  17. Mark Mole

    Priceless tackle?

    The only item I truly cherish has no monetary value whatsoever. A JW Avon/ feeder my dad won from angling times about 15yrs ago for catching a treble of nice perch. The old man no longer accompanies me on trips anymore due to failing health. I'd give up all the big fish I've ever caught for just...
  18. Mark Mole

    EA Close Season Consultation

    I've always wanted to scrap it,but after last summer's shameful acts by selfish barbel w*****s, I change my mind. Keep it but move the dates.
  19. Mark Mole

    Harrison MUR 12FT 2LB v Torrix 12ft 2lb

    Don't think test curve will make much difference as torrix are all through action blank as opposed to fast taper tip. I have old carp rods of 2.5 lb tc that are all through action,brilliant for playing fish on but no good for casting.
  20. Mark Mole

    Harrison MUR 12FT 2LB v Torrix 12ft 2lb

    Korum 2.2 experts. I think they were developed by Trent barbel anglers. I use them for both barbel and tench,they seem a good compromise rod. Still nice to play a small barbel on and can equally chuck a kamasan black cap 80yrds on a gravel pit. Jason have you used those drennans for barbel? Do...