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  1. Steve Holt

    Otter Hound pups for sale.

    I have a litter of Otter Hound pups for sale.. Sick of those long blanks on fishless rivers ? These dogs make the perfect fishing companion;) Pups ready on the 16th of June.. Contact Seymour Fish for details.:D
  2. Steve Holt

    Penn live liner 460l

    For sale a Penn live liner 460l in mint condition. A bullet proof bit of kit £55.00 delivered.
  3. Steve Holt

    Shimano 5000B AERO GTE

    Got a Shimano 5000b Aero gte for sale little used £70 delivered. Spare spool.
  4. Steve Holt

    Shimano 5000xtea

    Got a Shimano 5000 xtea for sale little used £95 delivered.Spare spool.
  5. Steve Holt

    Shimano medium cast reels

    Got a pair of Shimano medium cast reels for sale mint condition hardly used £170 delivered, loaded with good quality braid (Berkeley pro grade in 20lb)
  6. Steve Holt

    Colour Blind

    I'm badly colour blind but it seems some barbel are not. I was on a session recently & started using a dark green coated braid (so it said on the spool) anyway I only had enough on the spool for a couple of hooklengths.. The only coated braid I had left in my bag was a sand coloured variety. I...
  7. Steve Holt

    Which month did you catch your PB?

    With winter fast approaching I'm just interested to see which month produced your pb barbel.. I managed mine on a lovely day in mid November:)
  8. Steve Holt

    For sale a pair of Shimano 3500b baitrunners

    A pair of Shimano 3500b baitrunners for sale good condition, one recently serviced by Shimano both with spare spools loaded with 20 lb power pro. Make me a fair offer for either one or both.
  9. Steve Holt

    A Proper Camera

    I'm looking to get a good camera with a remote self take facility.My son bought me a Fuji z33, which is a nice digital camera that is also waterproof, but I cant get the hang of self portraits with it. Do I have to get a SLR to take remote shots or will a digi allow me to do this?