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    Boil in the bag meals for me every time, followed by an apple, same at tea time if I am having a very late session, fresh brewed tea every couple of hours.
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    Gloves for fishing

    Colin my mitts are around 12 years old, these are probably the nearest mitts I hope this helps Regards Martin Simms Guide Windbloc 1/2 Mitt
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    Gloves for fishing

    As I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, I do feel the cold, though not prepared to stop fishing, I have had a pair of Simms guide half mitts for many years, they are still perfect. Even on the coldest days I will trot the swim all day, without these mitts I would certainly suffer and perhaps give...
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    Used one for around 15 years, purchased mine in Oregon. Its been excellent even Special Forces use them, in my book there is nothing better.
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    Big day in the Frances household

    Great result Dan, hopefully many more to come
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    Needed warm waterproof boots

    Yes HAIX boots worth every penny, also the soles don't hold the mud
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    Close Season Retained

    its certainly great news, I feel all the money I spent with my solicitor to fight this campaign on my behalf, has paid off, I didn’t just deal with the EA as I didn’t feel happy in trusting them. I went to the Government departments Michael Gove MP Secretary of State for Environment who would...
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    Anyone else getting excited?!!!!

    A pair of sugar tongs
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    Allcocks Aerial C815

    you could build up the spool with some strips of cork if its still available which I have done
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    Work parties

    I am 81 live 300 miles from one of my club venues, where its not easy to get to a work party, so when I do visit the fishery I take a roll of chicken wire, all the tools for the job, so I can make the stiles safe. Everyone can do something on work party days, when I was confined to a wheelchair...
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    Anybody stopped fishing?

    Great read Bob with a lot of commonsence, it should be in the weelky mags, though I doubt if many will take notice.
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    HDAA closing Wye from this Monday 23rd

    Ross AC have also closed their fishery, a sensible move.
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    Dick Walker - The Legend

    Centenarian Dick Walker On Oak Apple day, May 29 1918 Mrs Elsie Walker gave birth to a son, his name was Richard Stuart Walker, affectionately known as Dick. Today Oak Apple Day 29th May 2018 Dick would have been a centenarian, without doubt the most charismatic angler born. Why not take out ten...
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    Night Floats

    George I have found a torch light to be ideal if laying on or stet pegging, used this idea since the early 1950's, it was also an idea of Dick Walker. Still good today.
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    Gary Knowles' Monster Bream

    Well done Gary a great result by a great angler and well deserved
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    Mersey Basin Rivers Trust 25+ Mile Pollution Disaster River Irwell

    Mersey Basin Rivers Trust 25+ Mile Pollution Disaster River Irwell Its saddens us to report that a significant pollution event has taken place affecting the River Irwell in Greater Manchester.There has been a 15 mile total wipe out of river invertebrates (river bugs) from a point just south...
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    On the Fly....

    I've caught barbel on the fly from Teme, Wye, Kennet and Ribble, along with several other anglers, Richard Walker mayfly nymph has proved the best pattern. If you need further info please e-mail
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    Ea riverbank tree and vegetation habitat destruction..message to all.......

    I have few words for the EA they are not fit for purpose. Fisheries should be a separate entity run by professionals, if we have to pay extra for a licence and we were to get a good service, I feel it would be money well spent.
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    Help settle an argument

    Dear Steve write to your MP also the EA send recorded post, the man needs sacking full stop.
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    Derek I use Haix Combat High Liability GTX waterproof brown boots, I also have a pair of the desert variety for when I 'm in Oman and the UAE, long time since we were on the Wye, your bottle raised £49-50 for the ABF Regards Martin