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  1. Ian Murfin

    Bob Roberts Guide to the Trent

    Bob Robert's has created a complete guide to the Trent, including maps showing which clubs controls each stretch and which you can get day tickets for. Link Quite a useful resource. Wouldn't it be great if something like this existed for all our rivers. Quite a task though.
  2. Ian Murfin

    New bag

    Well my old small rucksack has finally given up the ghost after one too many closed season mice attacks. I was gutted as it's been just about perfect over the last 10 years or so. Well I was very pleased to discover pretty much the same bag for sale in the local army surplus shop in Burton and...
  3. Ian Murfin

    the ultimate head torch

    well with a company name like this how can they not be perfect :D:D:D: BFW Inc.
  4. Ian Murfin

    Stolen Tackle

    Saw this elswhere and thought that i would share here: Please help if you can, by circulating this information (via social media etc). Date Of Theft – Between Monday 6th and Thursday 9th November A Reward of £5,000 will be paid to anyone who provides information that leads directly...
  5. Ian Murfin

    Grenfell Tower fire fund raiser

    Not much notice but, I have just received this via email and thought some BFW'ers might be interesting in donating: Having been horrified by the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire and inspired by those risking their lives to help others, angler Colin Culley decided he wanted to help. So he...
  6. Ian Murfin

    How many

    How many consecutive chub would you catch before cutting your losses and switching to chub tackle to make the fight more interesting? I'm on 13 so far this season! I just know that if I do switch then the next fish will be a barbel and I'll end up flipping losing it :(
  7. Ian Murfin

    King barbel

    Not our Barbus, so strictly I should post this on the other species board but seeing as it's close season I figured no one would mind too much. Sam Wadman has written a cracking article about his trip to Iran chasing the King barbel it's available online on the link below, starts a page 80...
  8. Ian Murfin

    Vote for your favourite fish

    Vote for your favourite fish! By Angling Times General News 26 January 2016 11:46 Voting is underway to decide the UK’s first ever national fish species – and Angling Times readers are being urged to have their say. The National Fish Vote is the brainchild of wildlife and underwater...
  9. Ian Murfin

    pre-baiting advice

    Hi all, I am looking for a little advice on pre-baiting, I've just moved house and am now very close to a stretch of the upper Trent and I'm thinking of doing a little prebaiting to hopefully improve my chances. My questions are: Bait - boilies, pellets or a mix of both Quantity - how...
  10. Ian Murfin

    Trotting for Barbel - line strength

    Hi Chaps, I'm targeting trying to catch a barbel whilst trotting and was wondering what line strength people use. The last time out I used 20lb braid on the pin, with a couple of meters of 8lb mono followed by a 6lb hook link and a size 16 Guru MWG hook (which is probably more like a 12) and...
  11. Ian Murfin

    France Ardeche / Allier / Tarn

    I'm heading to the south of France next week and will be in the vicinity of the Ardeche, Allier and the Tarn rivers, It's not really a fishing trip but I'm hoping to sneak a few hours here and there. Anyone have any ideas of the fish i might find? I'm thinking of taking light/med float gear with...
  12. Ian Murfin

    Go Outdoors sale

    Looks like go outdoors have got a sale on for the next few days, 15% on top of already discounted prices. Their fishing range is fairly limited but they are good for other outdoorsy stuff too. link Smurf
  13. Ian Murfin

    Feeder rig

    Hi gents, I'm planning on using feeders a bit more this year than last, i think i remember seeing a straight through rig somewhere where the feeder can be slid up and down to give an adjustable hook link length. Has anyone got any ideas how this is achieved? Smurf
  14. Ian Murfin

    Bib and brace

    I recently bought a Titanex bib and brace for my wife I thought i'd post a bit of feed back incase anyone is in the market, its early days but seems very snug and well made and certainly a fair price... Link
  15. Ian Murfin

    Ebro catfishing

    A friend an I are thinking of heading to the Ebro for 4-5 days catfishing. Has anyone been and got any advice or recommendations of good guiding company's? Is there a better time of year to go? We are thinking of maybe april. Ian
  16. Ian Murfin

    Show me your fish

    I'm working in China and won't be back for a few weeks, I'm gutted to be missing the start of the season which is one of my favourite times of the year. Please help cheer me up by posting pics of your new season captures Tight lines to all Smurf
  17. Ian Murfin

    Fish finders

    I'm thinking of maybe getting a fish finder, but the hummingbird ones are a bit pricey, has anybody got any experience with the cheaper ones such as these that are on ebay at the moment: Viper SC1...
  18. Ian Murfin

    Pride of Derby

    It seems Pride of Derby will not have any water on the Dove next season :( . http://www.prideofderby.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=54&Itemid=1 This has been posted on the Dove thread already but i thought i'd put it up here too as people are more likely to see it here and...
  19. Ian Murfin

    Which Alarms?

    My old alarms have given up the ghost, so I'm in the market for some replacements, I don't use them that much but would like to get some that might last more than a season unlike my Nash ones. I'm thinking maybe a should get a pair of second hand delkims from ebay, but is there anything else...
  20. Ian Murfin

    Where's the path

    i posted this in the social board but i think its probably fishy/barbely enough to go on the main board: I've just been directed to a great web application on another forum, after a quick play it looks like something extremely useful: "The app's called 'Where's the path?'. It allows you...