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  1. J

    HEADLAMPS the ultimate !

    I've got a Fenix HL60R, rechargable - great bit of kit.
  2. J

    Shimano Thunnus Ci 4

    Had a pair of these for 18 months or so, great reels, and if you get the EU model, as Ben said, you get a normal handle, whatever normal is...
  3. J

    Ads ruining the BFW experience.

    PICNIC ;-)
  4. J

    Free Spirit Hi S Barbel Rods, 12ft 2lb, Full Cork Handle

    I have a pair, terrific rods. I wouldn't say they have any more or less application coverage than the older Barbel seeker 1.75 SU rod, which is also excellent, if a tad heavier in the hand. Free Spirit's use of SU is a bit awry i think. The 'big river rods' are the real stepped up rods...
  5. J

    Wychwood Landing Net Handle

    The tackle box now produce a couple of their own handles, excellent in my opinion.
  6. J

    more powerful rod

    I've got one of the harrison flood and snag rods, 11ft 6in. Brilliant rod. When there's a few feet on its brilliant.
  7. J

    River Mole?

    Hi Paul, Dorking or Carlshalton would be a sensible start, both have got a reasonable head of fish, though perhaps not as many as decade ago.
  8. J

    14lb 12oz Wye Barbel

    Cracking fish, solid beard too.
  9. J

    Baitrunner OC 8000 any reviews

    I use the thunnus 4000, can’t fault them...
  10. J

    Looking to make a massive baitdropper for close in on flooded Severn

    Have a word with Dave Chambers - you'll find him on facebook, he can sell you just the thing...
  11. J

    Rolling Rod

    If you can find one, and can get it rebuilt, a Daiwa AKN116 is a fine alternative to the Torrix.
  12. J

    The Angling Trust.

    For £2:50 a month its a no brainer.
  13. J

    Epsom Surrey

    I'd look at a byfleet ticket, tick lots of boxes and night fishing available too. Dorking and Leatherhead tickets don't give that option.
  14. J

    Berkeley Big Game supplier

    Thanks for this - just got a couple of spools...
  15. J

    Which brand of terminal tackle?

    MCF lead clips.... Drennan or Gardner hooks. Shimano line at the moment. Taska float stop like beads, brilliant things
  16. J

    Premium clothing brands

    I've got a Musto Whisper jacket that I picked up on ebay for £100, rather than the near £400 they are new. Similar to other stuff mentioned, the outer moleskin type material can absorm water, but the Goretex under it will keep you dry, It's a great jacket at a great price. they also do...
  17. J

    Trefor West Century Pulse Rods

    the one I have is probably 20 years old or so... carbon, but not like modern blanks in any way.
  18. J

    Trefor West Century Pulse Rods

    Was there a big river rod in this collection of rods too? I've got one at the back of the shed, green writing has seriously faded on the blank though, can hardly read what it is.
  19. J

    Wanted- Harrison chimera flood and snag rod

    The 11ft 2lb torrix bends through, the Chimera flood is similar, possibly a little more tippy, but we're talking fine lines here between excellent rods - you're not going to be disappointed buying this sort of stuff.
  20. J

    Wanted- Harrison chimera flood and snag rod

    I think it's more like 2.25. It's stated as 2, but the action makes it feel more. They could stop a train. So, sorry I won't be selling mine. As a side though the 11ft 2lb torrix rod isnt hugely different in action.