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  1. Steve Holt

    Petition for the abolition of the closed season on rivers

    I took my dog for a walk down on the banks of the river Aire, a couple of EE's fishing away with a little barbie at the back. I mentioned the close season & their English took a turn for the worse.. Would the lack of a close season have made any difference? But when you see what some of the...
  2. Steve Holt

    River Itchen vandalised again.

    Good old close season :mad:
  3. Steve Holt

    Otter Hound pups for sale.

    I have a litter of Otter Hound pups for sale.. Sick of those long blanks on fishless rivers ? These dogs make the perfect fishing companion;) Pups ready on the 16th of June.. Contact Seymour Fish for details.:D
  4. Steve Holt

    Social media, apps and 'big fish' security

    A VPN puts your location through a 3rd party host which in turn puts you in various locations worldwide. I'm currently in the Asda in Moscow on the Novichock isle ;)
  5. Steve Holt

    Social media, apps and 'big fish' security

    VPNs are the way to go.
  6. Steve Holt

    Closed Season Controversy

    I've noticed that old mouthpiece Keith Arthur keeps putting his two penneth in about keeping the close season.. I'm guessing they don't have a close season in the Florida Keys;)
  7. Steve Holt

    Dogs & Otters

    I don't see many when I take my Otter hounds for a walk. ;)
  8. Steve Holt

    Smooth braid

    I've been trying Berkeley professional grade braid & its pretty good stuff, I can't get on with the super slick colours. I tried the Suffix 832 & the colour washes out straight away.. In fairness the original PP isn't bad. I've got a spool of super slick stuck in a bucket of dye as we speak :)...
  9. Steve Holt

    Penn live liner 460l

    For sale a Penn live liner 460l in mint condition. A bullet proof bit of kit £55.00 delivered.
  10. Steve Holt

    Shimano 5000B AERO GTE

    Got a Shimano 5000b Aero gte for sale little used £70 delivered. Spare spool.
  11. Steve Holt

    Shimano 5000xtea

    Got a Shimano 5000 xtea for sale little used £95 delivered.Spare spool.
  12. Steve Holt

    Shimano medium cast reels

    Got a pair of Shimano medium cast reels for sale mint condition hardly used £170 delivered, loaded with good quality braid (Berkeley pro grade in 20lb)
  13. Steve Holt

    Fox Barbel recovery tunnel

    All the education in the world won't stop the kn@bheads that frequent Collingham!
  14. Steve Holt

    'Slick' braid

    Hi Terry the braid itself was pretty similar to PP but after my first session the braid just went white (where it had been in the river). I've had PP on for years & it keeps it's colour. I know it's a confidence thing but you'd think they could use a process that keeps the dye in.I bought it...
  15. Steve Holt

    'Slick' braid

    Terry I've recently bought two spools of the 30lb & first time out it lost it's colour.. binned it now.
  16. Steve Holt

    Colour Blind

    I'm badly colour blind but it seems some barbel are not. I was on a session recently & started using a dark green coated braid (so it said on the spool) anyway I only had enough on the spool for a couple of hooklengths.. The only coated braid I had left in my bag was a sand coloured variety. I...