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  1. Ian Murfin

    Goretex jacket options

    I'm extremely pleased with my Paramo. 5 years heavy use dog walking every day and no drop in performance. It doesn't russle like other waterproofs and a bit warmer too.
  2. Ian Murfin

    Barbel fishing in France / Belgium /Holland

    Thanks for that
  3. Ian Murfin

    Barbel fishing in France / Belgium /Holland

    Have you got a link for the online carte de peche, Mark? I always try for the odd day fishing when on hols in France but often struggle to locate an open 'tabac' to get one and then my dodgy French makes things challenging to say the least.
  4. Ian Murfin

    Bob Roberts Guide to the Trent

    Indeed Nick. I'm sure most of the knowledge exists with people on the forum. But it's quite a technological challenge (for me anyway).
  5. Ian Murfin

    Bob Roberts Guide to the Trent

    If you find out the secret let me know Rich, admittedly I don't get to fish much but it's a long time since I had a barbel on the bank.
  6. Ian Murfin

    Bob Roberts Guide to the Trent

    Bob Robert's has created a complete guide to the Trent, including maps showing which clubs controls each stretch and which you can get day tickets for. Link Quite a useful resource. Wouldn't it be great if something like this existed for all our rivers. Quite a task though.
  7. Ian Murfin

    in the market for a new shelter ?

    Maybe you can adjust to lean further forward in bad conditions?
  8. Ian Murfin


    Am I right in thinking that you can send Avons away to get serviced?
  9. Ian Murfin

    New bag

    Hilarious 😂😂😂😂
  10. Ian Murfin

    New bag

    Well my old small rucksack has finally given up the ghost after one too many closed season mice attacks. I was gutted as it's been just about perfect over the last 10 years or so. Well I was very pleased to discover pretty much the same bag for sale in the local army surplus shop in Burton and...
  11. Ian Murfin

    Maggot feeder tangling issues.

    Give John Robert's anti-tangle booms a try, they make a huge difference for me
  12. Ian Murfin

    What's your honest assessment?

    Could otters be a red herring? If otters were able to completely clear rivers then how could they have made it through how ever many eons of evolution both they and the fish have had? Surely there would just be population cycles like you see with other predator / prey relationships. What...
  13. Ian Murfin

    Lost my mojo

    Maybe you need this:p
  14. Ian Murfin

    Anybody stopped fishing?

    There's some info in the doc linked below about minimum DO requirements for salmonoids and cyprinids. It's a lengthy document and is a bit inconclusive...
  15. Ian Murfin

    Anybody stopped fishing?

    It is but I don't believe the max oxygen that can be dissolved at a given temp changes significantly with 'stuff' dissolved in it. But the 'stuff' can absorb the oxygen
  16. Ian Murfin

    Anybody stopped fishing?

    I'm surprised that you measured as low as 5ppm. The dissolved oxygen verses temperature equilibrium chart indicates that the D.O. should be higher at current water temps. It could be pollution making the situation worse of course.
  17. Ian Murfin

    Photos of river scenes

    No barbel to report so far this season but I did manage to 'catch' a nice sunset tonight.
  18. Ian Murfin

    Gorleston Tackle, Great Yarmouth

    Have you tried Dave Lumb? I think he does that kind of thing. www.dlst.co.uk
  19. Ian Murfin

    Trakker Bucket And Trakker Bucket Bag

    Is this still available?
  20. Ian Murfin

    J W Young & Sons

    You might want to try and seek out a Youngs Atom. I've just picked up a second hand one (thanks Clive) and first impressions are good. You can pick them up for £300 or possibly less with a cheeky offer on ebay. I believe they were at least part made by Gary Mills in the UK.